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Posted August 18, 2020

Seller of Immune Shot Criminally Charged With Making Coronavirus Claims

On August 10, 2020, prosecutors in Georgia charged Matthew Ryncarz and his company Fusion Health and Vitality, LLC d/b/a/ Pharm Origins with selling the misbranded product Immune Shot. Immune Shot was promoted with claims that it could lower the chances of contracting coronavirus (COVID-19), which are false and unsubstantiated claims. In May of 2020, the FDA warned the sellers of Immune Shot for coronavirus claims.

Immune Shot was promoted with claims on the Pharm Origins website such as "pure, sublingual Vitamin D3 FORMULATED to boost your Vitamin D3 levels which has been shown to help increase your immunity to infectious diseases" and "YOU will learn in JUST MINUTES … how to LOWER your risk of COVID-19 by nearly 50%." 

The US Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia stated, "Our office is committed to ensuring that businesses do not take advantage of a global health crisis and people's fears in order to unlawfully make a buck. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to make sure consumers are not exploited during these challenging times." 

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