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Posted July 21, 2022

UV Light Wands That May Cause Injury, According to the FDA

The FDA recently warned consumers of potential exposure to unsafe levels of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) radiation associated with the use of certain brands of ultraviolet (UV) wands, as found from testing conducted by the agency. Unsafe levels of UV-C exposure may cause injury to the skin, eyes, or both after only a few seconds of use.

UV wands are often promoted to disinfect surfaces and kill germs in the home. However, the FDA recommends consumers do not use the following products:

The above UV wands do not have adequate safety features to reduce injury due to UV-C radiation. In order to reduce the risk of using dangerous UV wands, the FDA has advised consumers not to use UV wands that lack safety instructions or radiation information.

The agency has issued Notification of Defect Letters to the appropriate manufacturers and will update consumers of any other potentially dangerous UV wands.

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For more information, use the link below.

Do Not Use Ultraviolet (UV) Wands That Give Off Unsafe Levels of Radiation: FDA Safety Communication