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Product Review: Bilberry Supplements Review

Initial Posting: 7/26/13 
Bilberry Supplements Reviewed by Be Sure Your Bilberry Supplement Contains the Right Ingredient, Some Are Not Authentic

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Bilberry supplements in this review
Flora Bilberry Extract Nature's Sunshine Bilberry Fruit Standard Process Medi Herb Bilberry 6000 mg
Kroeger Herb Complete Concentrates Bilberry Nature's Way Bilberry Whole Foods Standardized Bilberry
Life Extension Bilberry Extract Source Naturals Bilberry Extract Yerba Prima Bilberry Extra Strength
Make sure the bilberry supplement you take passed our quality review and is right for you!
Isn't your health worth it?
Bilberry may help improve vision and have other health benefits, but some bilberry supplements don't contain real, concentrated, European bilberry extract -- the type used in most clinical studies.  

Its easy to be fooled with bilberry and you could end up with a supplement made from less expensive plants, or not concentrated enough to provide meaningful amounts of bilberry's unique mix of anthocyanoside compounds.

How do you choose the best bilberry supplement? purchased and rigorously tested many popular brands of bilberry supplements, holding them to the highest standards of authenticity, purity, and proper pill performance. We found out what was really in these bottles -- only 75% of the products passed testing. One supplement contained only 62% of its promised bilberry compounds and another failed to properly break apart fast enough in disintegration testing.

To help you get the best price and value, also compared bilberry supplements on cost. We found that you could spend as much as 4 times what you need to spend to get same amount of high-quality bilberry.

In this comprehensive report about bilberry supplements, you'll get's test results, quality ratings, and price comparisons for 9 bilberry supplements (including one that passed our Quality Certification Program). You'll discover:  
  • Which bilberry supplements passed or failed's testing and review
  • Quality ratings and cost comparisons of bilberry supplements
  • Differences between bilberry and other berries, such as blueberry and huckleberry
  • What to look for so youre not fooled by labels
  • Conditions for which bilberry may or may not be helpful, and dosages used
  • Potential side-effects of bilberry supplements
  • And more!

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