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Benzene in Spray Deodorant


Benzene, which has been linked to blood cancers, has been reported in spray deodorants and antiperspirants that were independently tested in 2021. Benzene was found in 44 out of 86 distinct products from 30 brands of spray deodorants and antiperspirants.

ConsumerLab's staff has analyzed the results of these tests and identified which products we think should be avoided and which are safest with regard to benzene contamination. Sign in as a member to see the findings.

We don't know the source of the benzene, but it could relate to how a particular ingredient was manufactured, where it was sourced, or how it moved through the supply chain. Aluminum chlorohydrate (anhydrous) was the listed key active ingredient in most products, regardless of their level of benzene, and is unlikely to account for the presence of benzene. It is more likely that the benzene arose from other ingredients in the products, such as butane, isobutane, or propane, which are propellants in sprays.

Products tested include those from these brands: Arrid, Axe, Azzaro, Bath & Body Works, Brut, Calvin Klein, Davidoff, Degree, Designer Imports, Dove, Duke Cannon, Equate, Gold Bond, Guy Laroche, Hollister, Kenneth Cole, Land of the Free, Nautica, Powder Stick, Prince Matchabelli, Right Guard, Secret, Speed Stick, Suave, Sure, Summer's Eve, Soft & Dri, Tag, Old Spice, and Victoria's Secret.

Also see our article about benzene in sun care products.

[UPDATE: 11/18/21: Two popular foot powder sprays were recalled after benzene, a carcinogen, was found in many lots. Information about the products has been added to our full answer. Sign in for details about these and other deodorants and antiperspirants.]

[UPDATE: 11/24/21: Two aerosol spray products were recalled after benzene was detected in multiple lots. Information about the products has been added to our full answer.]

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