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Is there a difference between vitamin D forms?


As discussed in the Vitamin D Supplements Review, the most important thing about taking vitamin D is not whether it's dry or in oil, but that you take it with a meal, as that can increase absorption by about 30 to 50%. If you can't take it with food, the oil form may be slightly better. (Note that capsules containing oil are referred to as "softgels.")

We have tested and reviewed many products in both forms (as well as other forms, such as drops -- which are also in oil). These reviews are found in the Vitamin D Supplements Review>>

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December 9, 2015

A dry product did absolutely nothing to raise my vitamin D blood level (and it was a CL-approved product). In fact, it declined a little. Importantly, I did *not* take it with food. Still, based on the advice here I'm surprised it had *no* effect, since food is stated as "increasing" absorption rather than as an absolute requirement for *any* absorption.

I switched to a gelcap, took it with food (especially higher-fat meals), and with that regimen my levels rose quickly.

September 23, 2020

I had same experience. Dry(Lanolin) no increase. FISH OIL D3 increased my D

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