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Microplastics in water, plastic bottle of water pouring water into glass


Due to manufacturing processes, air and water pollution, and even just how products are used, tiny fragments and fibers of plastic, known as microplastics (and nanoplastics, the smallest microplastics), are being found in foods (such as Himalayan and other salts, fruits, vegetables, and oils) and beverages (tap and bottled waters, beers, and even infant formula). There is emerging evidence that microplastics may have negative health effects, so it may be best to try to avoid exposure where possible. See the full answer to find out the concentrations of microplastic fragments in different salts, waters, fruits, vegetables, and types of beer, as well as the best way to store bottled water.

Also see ConsumerLab's Water Filter Pitchers Review to find out how well popular countertop filter pitchers from Aquasana, Brita, PUR, and ZeroWater worked to remove microplastics and other contaminants in tap water.

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