Calcium-d-glucarate is a form of glucaric acid (a naturally occurring substance found in certain fruits and vegetables). It is this glucaric acid portion of the compound (and not the calcium portion -- which is only 12% the compound's weight) which appears to be responsible for its activity. Although it has been promoted for "detoxifying" effects, as well as for lowering estrogen levels and preventing cancer growth, these applications are, for the most part, suggested only by laboratory and animal studies, not clinical studies in people.  

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October 25, 2015

I do find it lowers high estrogen levels in women (and men) with obesity, we measure them after 2 months to see if the dose needs adjusting. That's not a clinical study, that's a clinical observation. It also helped in one man with Gilbert's Syndrome, who had never previously had a normal bilirubin. The only side effects appear to be related to low estrogen levels - resulting in typical menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, requiring a dose adjustment.
Sara Stein MD
Functional & Obesity Medicine, Integrative Psychiatry
October 26, 2015

Dear Dr. Stein - Thank you very much for posting your clinical experience with calcium-d-glucarate. This type of feedback is very helpful.

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