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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) Supplements Review Article

Human Growth Hormone Supplements: Evidence and Safety

Misleading Product Claims — Many non-prescription supplements are promoted as containing, or having the ability to release, growth hormones. Don't fool yourself. Our comprehensive review gives you the facts you need to know. 
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Advertisements on the Internet and in spam e-mail appeal to health-conscious consumers — Look and Feel 20 Years Younger with HGH! Lose Unwanted Wrinkles! Increase Muscle Mass! Lose Weight While You Sleep! Restore Youthful Vision! Enhance Sexual Performance! HGH Now Available without a Prescription!

Do HGH supplements really work? In response to subscriber questions, we took an in-depth look into the efficacy of these products and the claims they make.

This special Review covers the science behind human growth hormone — the controversy and HGH limitations as a non-prescription supplement. We looked into four main product categories and give you our assessment:

  • HGH Releasing Agents (also called "HGH enhancers" or "HGH stimulators") — who benefits?
  • Homeopathic HGH — efficacy of extreme dilution?
  • Nanogram Strength HGH — dosage level and absorption?
  • IGF-1 Enhancers — enhancing what?
This evaluation is based on a comprehensive review of the evidence in the literature. It is not based on our usual testing of the products. However HGH supplements such as SeroVital-hghBotanic Choice HGH Booster Formula, and Renewal HGH Advanced Formula are described and compared along with a listing of their ingredients and our comments. Consumer tips and precautions also are provided.

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