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What is the best sunscreen based on safety and efficacy?

Two different carcinogens, benzene and benzophenone have been found in popular sunscreens. These cancer-causing compounds are not listed on labels. Get the details and find out which sunscreens have been found to contain benzene and benzophenone.

Carcinogens in Sunscreens - Bottle of sunscreen with a question mark

Clinical Update


Safer Sunscreens List Expanded

Some sunscreens and facial moisturizers contain potentially problematic compounds. In response to questions from readers, we reviewed and added six more products (from brands such as Cetaphil and Neutrogena) to our list of sunscreens with safer ingredients. (The newly added products are highlighted in yellow in our list).

Product Review

Lycopene Supplements Review

Find the Best Lycopene Supplements. CL Tests Reveal That Not All Lycopene Supplements Contain What They Claim.

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