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White Plains, New York, December 21, 2016 — Although CoQ10 and ubiquinol are among the most popular supplements, wide variations in price, dosage, absorption and bioavailability can make choosing the right product a difficult task. To help, recently purchased 18 popular CoQ10 and ubiquinol supplements, testing to see whether they contained their claimed amounts of CoQ10 or ubiquinol, and carefully comparing quality and cost. discovered one product contained just 78% of the amount of CoQ10 listed on the label, a finding which was confirmed in a second independent laboratory. Even among products that contained their claimed amounts, the suggested daily serving size of CoQ10 ranged from 50 mg to 400 mg, and the cost to obtain an equivalent amount ranged from 7 cents to $1.07. The cost to get the same amount of ubiquinol, the "active" form of CoQ10 which tends to be more expensive, ranged from 27 cents to $1.16. Many of the reviewed products include compounds such as polysorbate 80 or black pepper extract to enhance their absorption and/or bioavailability but, as discussed in the new review, they may also cause side-effects and drug interactions. Among products which passed's tests of quality, several were identified as CL's Top Picks, for providing quality CoQ10 or ubiquinol at lowest cost.

CoQ10 is the third most popular supplement (behind fish oil and multivitamins) in the U.S. among people who use multiple supplements, according to a 2015 survey by of over 10,000 supplement users. CoQ10 appears useful in treating congestive heart failure and preliminary evidence suggests additional uses including improving "vitality," reversing side-effects of "statin" drugs, and preventing migraine headaches.

CoQ10 and ubiquinol supplement quality ratings and comparisons are now available in CoQ10 and Ubiquinol Supplements Review ( The Review includes test results and quality comparisons for 39 products, 18 which were selected for testing by and 21 which are included for having passed the same testing through CL's voluntary Quality Certification Program. The report also includes information about six products which are similar to one which passed testing. The following products are included in the Review: 21st Century CoQ-10, Berkley & Jensen [BJ's] CoQ10, ChewQ, CVS Pharmacy CoQ10, CVS/Pharmacy Health CoQ-10 200 mg, Doctor's Best High Absorption CoQ10, Doctor's Best VESIsorb, Dr. Mercola Ubiquinol, Finest Nutrition (Walgreens) Co Q-10, Finest Nutrition [Walgreens] Co Q-10 300 mg, Healthy Origins Ubiquinol, Jarrow Formulas Ubiquinol QH-Gummies, Kirkland Signature CoQ10 (Costco), Maxi Health Maxi Co-200 Maxicaps, Member's Mark (Sam's Club) CoQ-10, Nature's Bounty Co Q-10 100 mg, Nature's Bounty Co Q-10 200 mg, NOW CoQ10, NutriGold CoQ10 Gold, PacificCoast NutriLabs (PCNL) CoQ10 Platinum, Advanced Ubiquinol, Pure Encapsulations Ubiquinol-QH, Puritan's Pride CO Q-10 100 mg, Puritan's Pride CO Q-10 200 mg, Puritan's Pride Ubiquinol, QGel Mega 100 Coenzyme Q10, Qunol Liquid CoQ10, Qunol Mega CoQ10, Qunol Ultra CoQ10, Shaklee CoQHeart, Solgar Ubiquinol, Solgar Ubiquinol, Spring Valley [Walmart] CoQ10 200 mg, Spring Valley (Walmart) CoQ10, Stop Aging Now Max Q10 Ultra, Swanson Ultra CoQ10, Trader Joe's Co Enzyme Q 10, Vitacost Ubiquinol CoQH, Vitafusion CoQ10, Vitamin World Co Q-10 100 mg, Vitamin World Co Q-10 200 mg, Vitamin World Ubiquinol, Viva Labs CoQ10, Webber Naturals CoenzymeQ10 200 mg, Well at Walgreens CoQ-10, and Xymogen CoQmax CF. The report summarizes the clinical evidence regarding the use of CoQ10 and ubiquinol, dosage, drug interactions, and side effects.

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