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Posted September 21, 2023

Moor Herbs, Inc Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims

On August 1, 2023, the FDA issued a Warning Letter to Moor Herbs, Inc. following an inspection of the company’s manufacturing facility that found its products to be adulterated because they were prepared, packed, or held under conditions that do not meet Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). Violations noted by the FDA included failure to establish specifications for dietary supplement labels and failure to establish and follow written procedures for responsibilities of quality control and operations.

In addition, the agency’s review of the company’s website found statements about the company’s products, including Moore Herb’s Full Body Antibiotic, Anti-Viral, Appendix Support, Blood Pressure, Brain Tune-Up, Cardiovascular System, Headache & Pain Relief, Healthy Mommy Healthy Baby, Quit Smoking, HyperThyroidism, HypoThyroidism, Mucus Release, Parasite Cleanse, ResErection Extra Strength w/ Yohimbe Bark, Tumor Release, Un-Vax, Venereal Defense, Womb Care Cramp Relief & Fibroid Release, and Lungs & Respiratory products, to be drug claims, which are not permitted for dietary supplements.

For example, Blood Pressure products were promoted with statements such as, “Our Moor Herbs ‘HIGH SCIENCE’ Blood Pressure Normalizor [sic] is supported by an Indian medicinal herb belonging to Caesalpiniaceae family of plants…What makes these seeds really popular, is their ability to lower blood pressure. Acting as a hypotensive agent, this humble seed works wonders for those looking to control their BP naturally.” Brain Tune-Up products were promoted with statements such as, “Alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression” and “Improves memory and mood in Alzheimer’s patients,” and HypoThyroidism products were promoted with statements such as,”For an underactive Thyroid.”

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Lungs and Respiratory, Full Body Antibiotic, Antiviral, Blood Pressure, Headache & Pain Relief, and Bright Eyes products were also found to be misbranded because their labels provided incorrect serving size information, failed to declare all ingredients, or lacked other information required by federal regulations.

Moor Herbs, Inc. must respond to the FDA in writing within 15 days of receipt of the warning explaining the specific steps taken to address these violations.

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For more information, use the link below.

Warning: Moorish Science Temple, The Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc; #13 The Moorish American National Republic dba Moor Herbs, Inc.

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