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D-Mannose Review 2023


  • Does D-mannose help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)?

    D-mannose, a naturally occurring sugar, is taken as a supplement in the hopes that it will prevent or treat UTIs. To-date, this benefit has only been suggested by results of preliminary studies but not in placebo-controlled clinical trials with only D-mannose, as needed to prove efficacy. A typical dose is 1 gram taken twice daily, but a 1.5-gram daily dose has also been used, as has a starting dose of 1 gram three times daily. (See What It Does. Also see our separate Cranberry Juices and Supplements Review)
  • What did ConsumerLab find testing the quality of D-mannose supplements?

    Testing of popular D-mannose supplements by found none to be mislabeled with regard to the amount of D-mannose or contaminated with significant amounts of heavy metals. However, the suggested dosage on labels was, in most cases, inconsistent with clinical trials. In addition, although the D-mannose in products was essentially the same, the cost to obtain it ranged 1200%, indicating that D-mannose can be purchased for much lower cost from some products than others. (See What CL Found)
  • What is the best D-mannose supplement?

    ConsumerLab chose one D-mannose powder as its overall Top Pick among tested D-mannose supplements based on high quality, low cost, and the ability to provide an appropriate dose of D-mannose. For those seeking the convenience of pills, also selected a Top Pick D-mannose capsule.
  • Does D-mannose have side effects?

    D-mannose at standard dosing has been reported to be safe in trials lasting up to six months. Rarely, gastrointestinal side effects, such as diarrhea, have been reported. (See Concerns and Cautions)

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D-mannose supplements compared in this review

View Larger Image Azo_D-Mannose-D-Mannose-2023-small.png

Azo D-Mannose

View Larger Image BulkSupplementscom_D-Mannose-D-Mannose-2023-small.png D-Mannose

View Larger Image GNC_Herbal_Plus_Cranberry_and_D-Mannose-D-Mannose-2023-small.png

GNC Herbal Plus Cranberry & D-Mannose

View Larger Image Microingredients_D-Mannose_Powder-D-Mannose-2023-small.png

Microingredients D-Mannose Powder

View Larger Image NOW_D-Mannose_Pure_Powder-D-Mannose-2023-small.png

NOW D-Mannose Pure Powder

View Larger Image NOW_D-Mannose_Urinary_Support_500_mg-D-Mannose-2023-small.png

NOW D-Mannose Urinary Support 500 mg

View Larger Image Nutricost_D-Mannose-D-Mannose-2023-small.png

Nutricost D-Mannose

View Larger Image Pure_Encapsulations_D-Mannose-D-Mannose-2023-small.png

Pure Encapsulations D-Mannose

View Larger Image Solaray_CranActin_D-Mannose-D-Mannose-2023-small.png

Solaray CranActin D-Mannose

View Larger Image Swanson_D-Mannose-D-Mannose-2023-small.png

Swanson D-Mannose

View Larger Image Uqora_Urinary_Care-Pink_Lemonade_Flavor_1_Flush_Proactive_Regimen_Part-D-Mannose-2023-small.png

Uqora Urinary Care 1: Flush Proactive Regimen Part 1 - Pink Lemonade Flavor

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  • ConsumerLab's Top Picks among D-mannose supplements, including powders and capsules
  • Which high-quality D-mannose supplements are also lowest cost
  • What D-mannose can and cannot do for your health, including information about preventing and treating urinary tract infections (UTIs), and whether it can help with a rare condition (MPI-congenital disorder of glycosylation)
  • What to look for on labels when choosing a D-mannose supplement
  • The dosage of D-mannose used for UTIs in clinical trials, which is often quite different than suggested dosages on product labels
  • The potential side-effects and drug interactions with D-mannose

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