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Find the best maca supplements, evidence for using maca for sexual function and libido, osteoarthritis and more. Plus, dosage, safety, side effects and potential drug interactions. All testing done independently by

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3.Female Infertility
4.Sexual Dysfunction in Women
5.Horny Goat Weed
7.Herbs & Supplements
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1.Do different colors of maca have different health benefits?
2.Have any supplements been shown to increase women's libido?
3.Which supplements help with erectile dysfunction?
4.Are there supplements that can reduce prostate size?
5.Which supplements help to improve energy and decrease fatigue?
6.Is kratom too dangerous to use?  (in Comments)
7.With herbal supplements, what is the difference between root powder and root extract? Does it matter?

Clinical Updates Found:
2019 Maca for Improved Functioning? (04/13/2019)
2018 Lead in Maca Powder (02/03/2018)

Recalls and Warnings Found:
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1.FDA Warns Seller of "All Natural" Treatment for Opioid Withdrawal, Migraines & More (11/29/2019)
2.Herbal "Coffee" for Sexual Enhancement Recalled (04/08/2019)
3.Seller of Apple Cider Vinegar, Joint Supplements & More Warned for Drug Claims (05/15/2018)
4.Seller of Maca Powder Warned for Drug Claims (05/12/2018)
5.Protein Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (08/03/2017)
6.Seller of "Super Strength Prostate Formula," Acai Berry Supplements & More Warned for Drug Claims (07/18/2017)
7.Twenty-one Sexual Enhancement Products Recalled (03/21/2017)
8.Maker of Ginseng, Zinc, Calcium and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations (12/05/2014)
9.Seller of Sexual Enhancement Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations (02/19/2014)
10.FDA Warns Consumers Of Three More Sexual Enhancement Supplements Containing Undeclared Drugs (05/07/2013)
11.Recall: Two Sexual Enhancement Supplements Containing Undeclared Drugs (05/03/2013)
12.Three More Sexual Enhancement Supplements Found To Contain Undeclared Drugs (04/04/2013)
13.Maker of Joint Health, Blood Sugar, Prostate, Ginkgo Supplements and More Warned For Drug Claims, Misbranding and Adulteration (11/02/2012)

News Releases Found:
2015 Tests of Maca "Enhancement" Supplements Find Real Maca, But Some Lead Contamination and Seemingly Excessive Amounts of Rice Filler (07/01/2015) Shows Chinese Consumers What's Really in Foods and Supplements -- U.S. Testing Company Expands to China, Launches (03/05/2015)
2011 analyzes supplements for sexual dysfunction -- Only three out of ten products selected for testing pass (08/31/2011)


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