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Coconut Waters Review -- Tests of O.N.E., Vita Coco, and Zico

Choosing the Best Coconut Water

Some Coconut Water Brands Don't Deliver on Promises 

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What is coconut water? It's the natural juice in green coconuts -- and it's now being bottled and sold as a natural alternative to sports drinks due its electrolytes. But does it really deliver? That depends on the brand, according to our tests.
Before you buy coconut water, read our Coconut Water Product Review. You need to join to get's valuable information about coconut water and the products reviewed. In this comprehensive report, you'll discover:
    • The potential benefits of coconut water.
    • Which coconut water -- O.N.E., Vita Coco, or Zico -- rated best for truthful labeling.
    • How coconut water brands compare on nutrients, taste, and price. 
    • Which coconut water may be best for rehydration.
    • Potential side effects of coconut water.

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(9/13/2012): Based on findings from this report, a class action suit was brought against the maker of one of the coconut waters reviewed. As part of settlement of the suit, the company agreed to changes to its labeling and quality control procedures and to provide payments to people who had purchased its products. See the details in the Update in the report.  

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