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Lycopene Supplements Review

Choosing the Best Lycopene Supplements

Lycopene Supplements Vary in Quality and Price

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Brands compared in report

  • Carlson Lycopene 15 mg
  • Douglas Laboratories Lycopene
  • GNC Preventive Nutrition Lycopene
  • KAL Lycopene
  • Life Time Lycopene
  • Natrol Lycopene
  • Nature's Bounty Lycopene
  • Nature's Life Lycopene
  • New Chapter Lycopom
  • Puritan's Pride Lycopene 10 mg
  • Spring Valley (Walmart) Lycopene
  • Thompson Lycopene
  • Vitamin Power Lycopene
  • Vitamin Shoppe Lyc-O-Mato
  • Vitamin World Lycopene

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More about this report

How do you choose the best lycopene supplement? tested and reviewed many popular brands of lycopene supplements, including softgels, capsules, and tablets made from natural as well as synthetic lycopene. One product contained only 42% of its listed lycopene and failed to properly break apart in disintegration testing also compared lycopene supplements on cost, to help you find the best price and value. It found the cost of  an equivalent amount of lycopene ranged across products from just 10 cents to more than a dollar! 
In this comprehensive report about lycopene supplements, you'll get test results, quality ratings, and price comparisons for 13 supplements (including 5 that passed our Voluntary Certification Program) and information about two products similar to others which passed testing. You'll learn:
    • Which lycopene supplements passed or failed's testing and review
    • Quality ratings and cost comparisons of lycopene supplements
    • Differences between natural and synthetic lycopene
    • Which foods are rich in lycopene and how absorption varies depending on the source 
    • Conditions for which lycopene may or may not be helpful, and dosages used
    • Potential side-effects of lycopene supplements
    • And more! 

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