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Nattokinase Supplements Review

Nattokinase: Does It Work and Which Supplements Are Best?

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Arthur Andrew Medical Nattovéna
Dr. David Williams Nattokinase
Enzymedica Natto-K
Healthy Origins Nattokinase
KAL Nattokinase
Natural Factors Nattokinase
NOW Nattokinase
Ortho Molecular Products Nattokinase
Puritan's Pride Nattokinase
Solgar Nattokinase Complex
The Vitamin Shoppe Nattokinase with Rutin
Vitamin World Nattokinase

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Nattokinase supplements are promoted to reduce the risk of blood clots and reduce blood pressure, among other things. But does the clinical evidence support these uses? And which nattokinase supplements actually provide the enzymatic activity (measured in fibrinolytic units, or FU) claimed on labels?

To answer these questions, purchased and tested many popular brands of nattokinase and reviewed the studies which have been conducted with nattokinase. What we found may surprise you: Not every nattokinase product actually contains what it claims. Among those that do, you can save a great deal of money — over 75% -- by comparing products. We also found that the research behind some of the uses of nattokinase is still preliminary. 
In this comprehensive report about nattokinase supplements, you'll get test results and quality ratings for 11 supplements (including two which passed our voluntary Quality Certification Program), as well as information about a supplement similar to one which was tested. You'll discover: 
    • Which nattokinase supplements passed or failed's testing and review
    • Which nattokinase supplements are the best value and our Top Picks
    • The evidence regarding the use of nattokinase to prevent blood clots, lower blood pressure, and affect Alzheimer's disease 
    • The dosage of nattokinase for different applications and the related clinical evidence
    • Potential side effects, allergic reactions, and drug interactions with nattokinase

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