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Vitamin E Supplements Review

Not All Vitamin E Supplements Are the Same - Find Out Which One Is Right For You

Not All Vitamin E Supplements Are the Same -- Find Out Which One Is Right For You!

Tests and Quality Ratings of Vitamin E Supplements, Cream, and Oil, Including Supplements with Gamma-Tocopherol
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Brands compared in report

21st Century E-1000
Carlson GEMS Natural Vitamin E
CVS/pharmacy E 200 IU
Derma-E Vitamin E 12,000 IU Créme
DEVA Vegan Vitamin E
Finest Nutrition (Walgreens) E Vitamin
Garden of Life RAW Vitamin Code Raw Vitamin E
GNC Vitamin E
Jason Vitamin E
Kirkland Signature [Coscto] Vitamin E 400 IU
Nature Made Vitamin E
Nature's Bounty E-400 IU
Nature's Sunshine Vitamin E
Pure Encapsulations Vitamin E
Puritan's Pride E-400 IU
Solgar Vitamin E 400 IU
Spring Valley (Walmart) E
Trader Joe's Vitamin E
Twinlab Super E-Complex
Vitamin World E-400 IU

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More about this report

Who needs to take a vitamin E supplement and what should you look for in a vitamin E supplement, cream or oil? answers these questions and more in this report, in which you'll also get results of's tests of popular vitamin E products.
There is a lot of confusion about vitamin E. Some studies indicate we need more, while others show that few people are deficient. You'll get a straight answer in this report.
Our tests found that not all vitamin E supplements are the same - with big differences in types and amounts of compounds they contain. Among "natural" vitamin E products, for example, found that some provide the full spectrum of naturally occurring tocopherols and tocotrienols in the vitamin E family. These compounds may play important roles in the effectiveness and safety of vitamin E. Other "natural" products provide primarily alpha-tocopherol (the most active vitamin E compound), but little else. also shows you which products are best priced, so you can spend as little as possible and still get a high quality product.
In this comprehensive report about vitamin E supplements, creams, and oils, you'll get test results and quality ratings for 19 products, including 8 that passed our voluntary Quality Certification Program, plus information about 2 other products similar to those tested. You'll learn:
    • Which vitamin E supplements, oils and creams passed or failed's testing and review
    • Quality ratings and comparisons of vitamin E products
    • Who is most likely to need a vitamin E supplement
    • Which foods are rich in vitamin E
    • The causes and symptoms of vitamin E deficiency
    • The dosage of vitamin E generally used in treating and preventing vitamin E deficiency and other conditions such as Alzheimer's disease 
    • Potential side-effects of vitamin E supplements, warnings, and drug interactions
    • And more! 

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