Initially Posted: 10/20/2018 | Last Updated: 08/06/2019
Vitamin A Supplements (Including Cod Liver Oil) Reviewed by

Vitamin A supplements with beta-carotene / retinol, including cod liver oil, compared in this review


Bluebonnet Vitamin A


Bronson Vitamin A


Carlson Kid's Norwegian Cod Liver Oil


GNC Beta-Carotene


NOW Vitamin A


Nutrilite Multi Carotene


Pure Encapsulations Vitamin A


Puritan's Pride Beta-Carotene


Solaray Vitamin Dry A


Spring Valley (Walmart) Vitamin A


The Vitamin Shoppe Cod Liver Oil


Vitacost Cold Water Arctic Cod Liver Oil

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Vitamin A is necessary to maintain good vision, skin and immune functioning. Vitamin A supplements may slow the progression of macular degeneration, enhance healing after laser eye surgery, and reduce the risk of certain cancers. At the same time, getting too much vitamin A can be dangerous.

So how do you know if you need a vitamin A supplement and, if you do, how can you tell which is best?

In this comprehensive review about vitamin A supplements, you'll get test results and quality ratings for 12 supplements (two of which failed to contain all the vitamin A they claimed), including products tested through CL's voluntary Quality Certification Program. You'll learn:
  • Which vitamin A supplements passed or failed's testing and review and which were selected as CL's Top Picks
  • Which vitamin A supplements and which products exceed tolerable intake limits and, therefore, pose a greater risk of causing adverse effects
  • Who should take a vitamin A supplement, and what it can and cannot do for your health
  • Which cod liver oils passed our tests for freshness and purity
  • Direct comparisons and quality ratings of vitamin A supplements, including cost comparisons
  • How vitamin A supplement labels are changing from IUs to micrograms RAE (retinol activity equivalents) and what you need to know when reading them
  • Recommended daily intake and dosages of vitamin A
  • Which foods are rich in vitamin A or beta-carotene
  • Cautions when using vitamin A, including potential drug interactions, interactions with other supplements, potential side-effects of vitamin A from retinol forms (such as retinyl palmitate) and beta-carotene

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