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Inactive Ingredients in Centrum -- Bottle of Centrum Vitamins


Concerns have been raised about the safety of certain ingredients in some Centrum multivitamins, especially binders, fillers and coloring agents, such as polyethylene glycol, polyvinyl alcohol, BHT, modified corn starch, and coloring agents such as Yellow 6 Lake and titanium dioxide. These ingredients are not unique to Centrum vitamins but are found in many brands of multivitamins and other supplements. has reviewed the evidence regarding the safety of these ingredients (which are listed as "Other ingredients" on supplements and as "Inactive ingredients" on medicines to distinguish them from "Active" ingredients) in our article about review article about Inactive Ingredients. Be aware that some ingredients, such as certain coloring agents, may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, and concerns have been raised about some inactive ingredients that are permitted in dietary supplements in the U.S., such as silicone dioxide and titanium dioxide. Sign in to the full answer for details.

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