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Problems With Gummy Vitamins -- bottle of gummy vitamins


Tests by have found that some gummy supplements -- particularly gummy multivitamins --  do not contain their listed amounts of vitamins or minerals, or contain impurities. We continue to find more problems with candy-like vitamins like gummies than with traditional forms, such as tablets and caplets.

Manufacturing challenges associated with candy-like products likely explain the higher incidence of problems. Gummies are notoriously difficult to manufacture because it is hard to measure in the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals (some are simply sprayed on a candy base) and the ingredients in a gummy are more likely to degrade, so manufacturers often put in more than the listed amount -- resulting in products with too much of a vitamin, such as folic acid, when first produced and decreasing amounts over the course of their shelf-lives. Some companies seem to do a better job making gummy vitamins than others.

You can see which gummies we have reviewed lately -- and which passed or failed our tests -- in our reports on multivitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium, and B vitamins.

A benefit of gummies is that they may be more palatable than a pill. Also, being chewable, there is not the risk that the product won't properly break apart, as there is with a tablet. 

A risk with any candy-like supplement, particularly for children, is that too many will be consumed, potentially resulting in toxicity. It's therefore best to give young children vitamins as needed and not leave them out. Also, keep in mind that not all vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients are easily incorporated into gummies or are not included due to poor taste (such as iron, which would cause a metallic taste), so, if you are interested in a gummy supplement, check that it lists the ingredients you want. You can check the ingredients in gummy supplements in "Ingredients" table in each of our reports listed above.

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November 18, 2019

Have the lil critters gummy vites for children been tested? What were the results?
November 19, 2019

Yes, we have tested several L'il Critters supplements. Results have been mixed, depending on the specific product. A listing of the current Reviews (the results are found in each Review) is found here:

February 4, 2015

I haven't located any information about the vitafusion supplement gummies. I Purchased the Platinum 50+ and Hair, Skin & Nails gummies at my local Costco and Walgrens. Have you tested either of these products? It appears adult gummies are relatively new products and I wonder if at least this brand has been reviewed.
February 4, 2015

Hi Cindy - We have tested Vitafusion products and you can find the Product Review reports by going to:

W. Robert496
February 3, 2015

"...if you are interested in a gummy supplement, check that it lists the ingredients you want."
How effective would this method be unless we know the manufacturing practices and ethics of the company developing the products, given that there is no real regulation ensuring that what is on the label is actually in the product?
February 4, 2015

Hi W. - Of course, in addition to first checking product labels to see whether they list all the ingredients you want (or don't want), look at our product reviews to see if we recently tested the product and, if so, whether or not it passed our rigorous evaluation.

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