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Lauricidin (monolaurin) for Colds -- jar of Lauricidin


Monolaurin supplements (such as Lauricidin) are often promoted for "immune system support," and are sometimes recommended to help ward off the cold or flu, or viral infections such as cold sores. However, these recommendations appear to be based on very preliminary laboratory and animal studies. For details about the studies and more about monolaurin taken orally as well as used topically and its safety. Sign in to see the full answer >>

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June 27, 2020

For me is a miracle supplement plain and simple , I've been hammered for the last dont know how many years by EBV relapses, until 3 months ago when i stepped into this supplement,at first I had a very weird reaction , it gave me candidiasis, but after a while my body adapted and my tonsils returned to a never seen before size, which for me is a clear indication of the receding virus, before they were often enalrged and full of pus, also I had no ability to do weight lifting at all, day aftertraining my immune system was totally compromised by the virus, my throat sore and feeling like shit with flu symptoms. I havent gone back to gym yet cause of the c19, but I feel much better now , so I hope that any heavy workout will be much more tolerated by my body

November 11, 2019

The reason that the Lauridicin website has a warning about Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions is because Lyme-Literate medical doctors (Dr. Richard Horowitz, for example) often prescribe it in conjunction with antibiotics (or when weening off antibiotics) in the treatment of Lyme Disease. It was an integral part of my treatment, and years later I still find that I do better in general when taking 1 scoop a day.

February 17, 2019

I know that this is only anecdotal, but ever since I began taking monolaurin (in pellet form from Lauricidin) six years ago, I have not had one real case of the flu or cold, whereas before I was extremely susceptible to them, esp. when I traveled abroad during fall or winter. I take one scoop per day but if I feel the signs of an incipient cold or flu, I will take a second dose. Monolaurin was recommended to me by a learned friend whose opinion I respect and who had the same results as I did. Of course, I did my research before beginning to take monolaurin (after all I am a research scholar by profession, although not in the medical-science field) and I found nothing to dissuade me from taking monolaurin.I attribute the improvement in my health to monolaurin, since nothing else changed in my diet, vitamin supplement taking, or life. I have experienced no side-effects of any kind.

January 31, 2016

For me, an awful side effect of monolaurin is the production of extremely smelly gas.

January 31, 2016

I've been taking Lauricidin for 15 years. As a teacher I was accustomed to catching yearly colds and flu, but I haven't had either---or any other infectious disease---since I found Lauricidin.
I also contracted hepatitis C in 1985. By 2000 I had an impaired liver with "moderate" damage, per biopsy. Today my liver function tests are normal, my viral count is low, and my liver has rejuvenated. It's now healthier than than the livers of disease-free controls. Average Fibroscan score for healthy people = 5.5. Mine is 4.7.
I realize that anecdotal info isn't persuasive, but I will never give up Lauricidin.

I am only a customer. I have no relationship with Med-Chem Labs or any other company.

August 7, 2017

I was happy to read about your experience and would love to talk with you. I also have Hep C and my viral load is slowly increasing. I just found info about Monolaurin and ordered the capsules but have not stared taking them yet.

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