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How to Take Beta-Sitosterol -- man holding beta-sitosterol capsules


When using beta-sitosterol to reduce cholesterol-levels, it must be taken with food, as discussed in the Cholesterol-lowerers Review. However, it is unclear from the clinical literature whether or not this applies to its use in treating symptoms of an enlarged prostate (or BPH — benign prostatic enlargement), although taking it with food may reduce gastrointestinal side effects and most marketed products suggest taking it with foods, as discussed in the Prostate Supplements Review.

See the respective reviews for more details, including dosage, results of our tests, and our Top Picks among supplements for each use.

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October 6, 2020

Has anyone found relief with this product and if so, how long have you been supplementing?

June 22, 2021

Yes, I have found significant relief for enlarged prostate using Source Naturals Mega Strength Beta Sitosterol. I bought this before I realized there are generally 2 different dosages for BS, depending on needs: lower dosages for prostate, and higher ones for treating high LDL/Cholesterol. I took this product with food, it reports 375mg of BS (way more than the research for prostate with is between 30-91mg). Found very significant results within 4-6 weeks. (Previously, I also got noticeable benefit from saw palmetto but wasn't as significant.) After many months of taking it, I stopped. Results have lasted close to 12 months. I am now seeing some re-emergence of symptoms, and will start taking again.

July 26, 2021

I am 86 yrs old and have BPH getting up 4 to 5 times at night waking up every 2 hrs or less to pee.
after hearing about Pure encapsulations beta sitosterol I ordered a bottle of 90 capsules (60mg ea.)
and the first night I took two pills. I got up only only 2 times the whole night... couldnt believe it!!! and to think I had a procedure done 6 months ago called Urolift which was pure hell the first month or so and it did absolutely no good about sleeping through the night. Then my Dr. prescribed myrbetriq and all it did was raise my BP.... I heard about "Pure" on (joined) and what a relief. Now when I wake up in the morning it isnt because I have to pee.. I had a good night sleep.

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