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Rhodiola Rosea Supplements

Do Rhodiola Supplements Help With Depression and Anxiety? Which Ones Are Best?

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Bluebonnet Rhodiola Rosea
Enzymatic Therapy Rhodiola Energy
Gaia Herbs Rhodiola Rosea
GNC Herbal Plus Rhodiola Extract
Herb Pharm Rhodiola
Nature's Plus Herbal Actives Rhodiola
Nature's Way Rhodiola Rosea
New Chapter Rhodiola Force 300
Puritan’s Pride Rhodiola Root Extract
Solaray Super Rhodiola
Solgar Rhodiola Root Extract
Thorne Research Rhodiola
TwinLab CleanSeries Pre-Workout Activator
Vitamin World Rhodiola Root

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More about this report

Rhodiola (R. rosea) supplements are promoted to help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, reduce fatigue, and improve athletic performance. But do they really work? And which products are best? Quality has been shown to be an issue with rhodiola supplements

To answer these questions, recently reviewed the evidence, and selected and tested popular rhodiola supplements to see whether they contained their expected amounts of rosavins and salidroside — key marker compounds which may also play a role in the herb's activity. Products made from herb powders (as opposed to extracts), were additionally tested to be sure they did not exceed contamination limits for lead, cadmium and arsenic.

We discovered that two supplements failed to contain their expected amounts of key compounds.

Fortunately, we also identified a number of products met high standards and contained exactly what they claimed. Among these we made two Top Picks.

In this comprehensive report about Rhodiola rosea supplements, you'll get test results and quality ratings for 13 rhodiola products (including four that passed testing in our voluntary Quality Certification Program) and information about a product which is similar to one which passed testing. You'll learn:
    • The clinical evidence for, or against, using rhodiola for treating depression and anxiety, reducing fatigue, and improving athletic performance
    • Which rhodiola supplements failed testing, which passed and, which are's Top Picks
    • The amount of rosavins and salidroside in each rhodiola supplement and how these compare amounts used in clinical studies
    • What to look for on rhodiola supplement labels
    • Rhodiola dosage for specific uses
    • Potential side effects and drug interactions with rhodiola

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