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Which ingredients should toothpastes and other dental products contain, and which should be avoided?

Learn about ingredients you want in your toothpaste, mouthwash and other dental products and which ingredients you may want to avoid.

Toothpaste in the shape of question mark coming out from toothpaste tube

Product Review

Probiotic Supplements Review (Including Pet Probiotics)

Probiotics: See What They Really Contain and Our Top Picks

CL Answer

Do any supplements help with gum disease or periodontitis?

Supplements for healthy gums may help with gum disease or periodontitis. Learn more about omega fatty acids, lycopene, and probiotics.

Smiling Woman Taking White Supplement with Glass of Water

Product Review

Zinc Supplements and Lozenges Review

Find the Best Zinc Supplements and Lozenges. Have a Cold? See CL's Top Picks Among Zinc Supplements and Lozenges.

Zinc Supplements and Lozenges Reviewed by

Clinical Update


Toothpastes, Mouthwash, and Probiotics for Oral Health

We answered the following questions this week, all of which relate to our article about toothpastes and other dental products:

Also, find out the abrasiveness of two Fluoridex brand toothpastes.

CL Answer

Do any supplements, foods or lifestyle modifications help with brain function, like memory and cognition?

Find out which supplements help improve memory, brain function and cognition, including fish oil, some B vitamins, cocoa, and curcumin. ConsumerLab's answer explains the evidence for supplements promoted to help with brain function and cognition.

Supplements for Memory -- doctor holding a model of a brain and fish oil capsule

Product Review

Fish Oil, Krill Oil, and Algal Oil Omega-3 (DHA & EPA) Supplements Review

See Our Omega-3 Top Picks and Avoid Rancid Fish Oils.

Fish Oil and Other Marine Oil Supplements Reviewed by

Clinical Update


Probiotic for Oral Health?

Can a probiotic lozenge decrease cavity risk, tooth plaque, and/or staining? See what the latest research shows in the What It Does section of our Probiotic Supplements Review.

Clinical Update


Probiotics for Oral Health?

For people with periodontitis (inflammation around the teeth), a new study showed a probiotic lozenge resulted in additional improvement over standard dental scaling and chlorhexidine rinse. Get the details, as well as our tests of probiotics, in the updated Probiotic Supplements Review>>

Clinical Update


Probiotic Gum for Throat Infections

A gum containing a probiotic has been found to significantly reduce the incidence of throat infections in children and has been approved to promote oral health and reduce bad breath. For more details, as well as our tests of probiotic supplements, see the update in the Probiotic Supplements Review >> 

Clinical Update


Coconut Oil for Oral Health?

Can rinsing with coconut oil (known as coconut oil “pulling”) prevent plaque buildup and reduce bleeding gums? Find out in our article about finding the best toothpastes and other dental products.

Also see our Top Picks for coconut oil in our Coconut and MCT Oils Review.

CL Answer

Are vitamin D oral sprays more effective than vitamin D pills or drops?

Learn more about vitamin D oral sprays, pills, and drops, including a price comparison.

Small Spray Bottle Against White Background

CL Answer

PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances): How can I avoid PFAS in dental floss, food, water, and other products?

Some brands of dental floss, including Oral-B Glide, may contain potentially toxic chemicals known as PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances). Get the details, and learn which floss and pick products are our Top Picks.

Toxic PFAS Chemicals in Dental Floss -- Woman Looking at Dental Floss

CL Answer

Does silica have health benefits? What is BioSil, and can it really increase collagen production and strengthen hair, skin, nails and bones?

Information about the health effects of silica (silicon dioxide) and orthosilicic acid (an ingredient in BioSil), including whether these forms of silicon can really increase collagen production, thicken hair, strengthen nails & bones.

Does BioSil Strengthen Hair, Skin and Nails? -- Bottle of BioSil

Product Review

L-Lysine Supplements Review

Read L-Lysine Labels Carefully. Some Can Fool You.

CL Answer

Do vitamin patches, such as for B12 or multivitamins, really work? How about those from PatchMD?

Do vitamin B12 Patches like PatchMD really work? Can you absorb vitamin B12 through patches?

Vitamin Patches -- young woman with vitamin patch on arm

CL Answer

Is it true that drinking a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with water can kill bacteria in the urinary tract or help in other ways? Is this safe -- or is it dangerous?

Drinking or eating hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) can be dangerous and is not advised. Learn more treatments for urinary tract infections.

CL Answer

What are the health benefits of zinc carnosine, also called polaprezinc, and is it safe?

Find out if zinc carnosine is beneficial for any GI conditions, including stomach ulcers, Helicobacter pylori infection, taste disturbances, aspirin-induced small-bowel injury and oral mucositis, and learn if it is safe.

Zinc carnosine supplements in wooden spoon in front of oysters

CL Answer

Can curcumin help prevent or improve symptoms of Alzheimer's disease?

Information on studies of the evidence around the effects of turmeric/curcumin and Alzheimer's.

CL Answer

Are there supplements that interact with estrogen-replacement therapies like Premarin and Estrace?

Estrogen hormone replacement therapy pills, creams, and tablets, such as Premarin, Estrace, Imvexxy, Ogen, and Vagifem can interact with certain supplements and foods, including St. John's wort and grapefruit juice. Learn more.

Supplement Interactions with Estrogen replacements

CL Answer

Is it true that calcium citrate increases the absorption of aluminum?

Find out how calcium citrate can impact the absorption of aluminum in your body and if this is a problem for your health.

Calcium Citrate Pills in Bottle

CL Answer

Is it true that NAC can help clear nasal passages?

Find out if N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) can help with post nasal drip & general sinus congestion and about supplements that may reduce cold symptoms.

Ill Woman in Bed Blowing Nose

Product Review

Coconut Oil and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil Review — Semi-Solid and Liquid Oils & Supplements

Find the Best Coconut Oil and MCT Oil. See How These Oils Compare on Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), Quality, and Value.

Coconut and MCT Oils Reviewed by

CL Answer

Do face creams, anti-aging serums, and acne gel treatments containing vitamin A or retinol reduce bone density or increase the risk of fractures?

Find out if using face creams, anti-aging serums, or acne gel treatments containing vitamin A or retinol can reduce bone mineral density or increase the risk of fractures,

Retinol Cream Effects on Bone Density

Product Review

Potassium Iodide (KI) and Iodate (KIO3) Radioprotective Pills Review

Learn How to Choose the Best Radioprotective Iodine Pill and Use It Properly

CL Answer

When is the best time to take probiotics to prevent diarrhea from antibiotics - before, during, or after the course of antibiotic treatment?

When is the best time to take probiotics to reduce the risk of diarrhea from antibiotics?

Best time to take probiotics

CL Answer

I take melatonin to help me fall asleep. Are there any drugs that interact with melatonin that I should be aware of ?

Melatonin interactions with drugs, including blood pressure medications, Xanax, Ambien, antidepressants, caffeine and more.

Melatonin Review 2024

Product Review

Holy Basil Supplements Review

Find the Best Holy Basil (Tulsi) Supplements. Tests and Reviews of Popular Holy Basil Supplements & CL's Top Pick.

Holy Basil Supplements Reviewed by

CL Answer

Do any supplements or lifestyle changes reduce the symptoms of tinnitus? Is it true that some supplements can cause tinnitus?

Learn which supplements can ease tinnitus, including melatonin and pine bark extract. Understand which may actually cause tinnitus.

Word blocks spelling out “tinnitus”

CL Answer

Do arnica pills, gels, creams, or sprays reduce bruising, pain, or swelling?

Find out if arnica pills, gels, creams, or sprays can reduce bruising, pain, or swelling, help with varicose veins, or muscle pain after exercise.

Arnica Gel and Cream for Bruises and Pain -- tube of arnica cream

CL Answer

What are the health benefits of luteolin, and is it safe?

Find out if luteolin, a compound found in many fruits and vegetables, is beneficial for cancer, heart health, skin aging, age-related cognitive decline, and other conditions, and learn if it's safe.

Luteolin containing vegetables including celery peppers lettuce and spinach

CL Answer

Are there drug interactions with magnesium supplements?

Find out about interactions between magnesium supplements and over-the-counter antacids and laxatives such as Maalox, antibiotics, and statins and diabetes medications. ConsumerLab’s answer explains.


CL Answer

What is vitamin B12 and how much do I need?

Vitamin B12 dosage varies depending on your age, gender, and various other factors. Our CL Answer explains why B12 is important, the recommended dosages, deficiency, health benefits, and the best form.

Vitamin B12 Dosage, Benefits, Uses & Deficiency -- B12 Bottle and Tablets

CL Answer

Is there a difference between taking vitamin D in the dry form versus the oil capsules? Is one better than the other?

Learn more about how to take vitamin D, the best form to take and the best time of time day to take vitamin D.

Is there a difference between vitamin D forms?

CL Answer

Do hair loss supplements, such as Viviscal, Hair La Vie, and Nutrafol, or topical essential oils work?

Vitamins and supplements that may help with hair loss and thinning, including saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, protein, iron, and vitamin D.

Supplements for Hair Loss -- woman looking at hairbrush

CL Answer

Which supplements can help treat anemia? Do any supplements cause a low red blood cell count?

Find out which vitamin and nutrient supplements can help prevent and treat anemia in people who are nutrient deficient and learn which supplements may cause low blood cell counts, especially when used in excess.

Woman holding various vitamins and supplements in her hands

CL Answer

Do any supplements reduce the side effects of chemotherapy? Should any be avoided?

Find out if there are any supplements that can help with the side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, nerve damage and others.'s answer explains.

Supplements & Chemotherapy Side Effects -- chemotherapy medicine and capsules

CL Answer

Can any vitamins or minerals help prevent or reduce canker sores or cold sores?

Find out which, if any, supplements, including iron, L-lysine, monolaurin, olive leaf extract, vitamin B-12, and zinc, may be beneficial for canker sores or cold sores.

Lip of woman with a cold sore

Clinical Update


Probiotics for Gum Disease

Can probiotic lozenges improve gum health when used in conjunction with oral cleanings? Find out what studies are showing in the Periodontitis section of the Probiotics Supplements Review. (Also see our Top Picks among probiotic supplements for other uses.)

Clinical Update


Oral Symptoms of B-12 Deficiency

Vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause a range of symptoms in the mouth, as described in a recent report. Learn about oral and other symptoms of B-12 deficiency in the B-12 section of our B Vitamin Supplements Review. Also, see our Top Picks for B-12 and other B vitamins.

Clinical Update


Vitamin D Sprays

Are oral vitamin D sprays better than vitamin D capsules? Find out what studies are showing in the Oral Sprays section of the Vitamin D Supplements Review. Also see our Top Picks for vitamin D.

Clinical Update


Oral Hygiene and Blood Pressure

Can oral hygiene practices lead to increased or decreased blood pressure? Find out what research suggests in our updated CL Answer about toothpastes and dental products.

Clinical Update


Alzheimer's and Oral Care

A recent study suggests that enhanced oral care may help slow cognitive decline in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Get the details in the Lifestyle Modifications section of our article about Supplements, Foods and Lifestyle Modifications for Cognition.

Clinical Update


Oral Minoxidil for Hair?

Use of minoxidil as an oral treatment for hair growth is gaining in popularity - although it's not an FDA approved use of this drug. Learn if it works, dosage, and side effects in our CL Answer about supplements and topical treatments for hair.

Clinical Update


A Caution with Low-dose Minoxidil

Although rare, be aware that serious side effects due to pharmacy errors have been reported with low-dose oral minoxidil preparations. Get the details in the How to get low-dose oral minoxidil section of our CL Answer about supplements for hair.

Clinical Update


Dry Mouth Spray

A CL member asked us to review the oral moisturizer Allday Dry Mouth Spray. Find out how it compares to other products, and see our Top Pick among them, in the Oral Moisturizers section of our article about the best toothpastes and other dental products.

Clinical Update


Side Effect of Low-Dose Oral Minoxidil

A case of severe fluid buildup was recently reported in a woman taking low-dose minoxidil. Get the details, and learn what some doctors now recommend when starting low-dose oral minoxidil treatment in our article about hair treatments.

News Release

August 23, 2023

ConsumerLab Tests Find More CBD, Less THC in CBD Oils, Gummies, and Topicals

White Plains, New York, August 23, 2023 —  Recent ConsumerLab tests of popular CBD (cannabidiol) products on the market revealed that, overall, products contain more CBD, and less THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive compound) than in previous years.

Clinical Update


Fluoride & Oral Microbiome?

Find out if fluoride in toothpaste or mouthwash adversely affects bacteria in the mouth.

Clinical Update


Stomach Damage from Iron Pills

Be aware that high-dose oral iron pills can sometimes damage the lining of the stomach and cause bleeding -- which can actually worsen anemia. Learn about recently reported cases, and what formulation of iron may reduce this risk, in the Concerns and Cautions section of our Iron Supplements Review.

Clinical Update


XyliMelts for Dry Mouth?

A CL member wrote to us about XyliMelts to treat symptoms of dry mouth. We've added clinical information about it to the Strategies to Reduce Dry Mouth section of our article about oral care products.

Clinical Update


Oral vs. Topical Minoxidil

How does taking low-dose minoxidil as a pill compare with topical minoxidil for hair growth? See what a recent study found in our article about supplements and treatments for hair.

Clinical Update


Sublingual Iron

Sublingual iron is promoted as being better absorbed than oral iron supplements with less stomach upset. Is this true? Find out in the Forms of iron section of our Iron Supplements Review, which includes our Top Picks for iron.

News Release

November 10, 2022

Best Probiotic Supplements Identified by ConsumerLab Tests

  White Plains, New York, November 10, 2022 — Probiotic supplements can be helpful in preventing or treating constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, vaginal infections, and other conditions, but with so many different products on the market, choosing the best one is no easy task.

News Release

February 15, 2018

Tests Reveal How Much CBD is Really in CBD and Hemp Oils -- Some Don't Provide Amounts of CBD Listed on Labels

White Plains, New York, February 15, 2018 (UPDATED 2/11/19) — CBD (cannabidiol) has become popular for treating pain, helping with anxiety and insomnia, and a variety of other conditions, despite the fact that the FDA has stated it cannot legally be sold as a ...

Recalls & Warnings

July 18, 2022

CVS, Target, Walgreens, and Other Oral Magnesium Citrate Laxatives Recalled Due to Bacterial Contamination

On July 14, 2022, Magnesium Citrate Laxative Oral Solution Lemon Flavor products manufactured by Vi-Jon, LLC and sold under various store brand names were recalled after testing identified the presence of the bacteria Gluconacetobacter liquefaciens.

Recalls & Warnings

August 08, 2022

Recall of Oral Magnesium Laxatives Expanded

On August 3, 2022, Plastikon Healthcare, LLC issued a recall of multiple oral suspension products due to microbial contamination.

Recalls & Warnings

November 09, 2023

FDA Warns Biorica International for Cholesterol, Kidney & Cancer Claims

On August 4, 2023, the FDA issued a Warning Letter to Biorica International Corp. following review of the company’s websites and social media, which found statements about the company’s Plaquex Oral Supplements to be drug claims, which are not permitted for dietary supplements.

Recalls & Warnings

June 07, 2017

FDA Warns Seller of Probiotic and Omega-3 Supplements for Manufacturing Violations

On May 22, 2017, the FDA issued a warning letter to BioTE Medical, LLC following a facility inspection which found its products, including BioTE DIM, BiotTE Probiotic, BioTE Iodine Plus, and BioTE Omega 3 to be adulterated because they were prepared, packed, or held under ...

News Release

November 06, 2015

Some Surprising Results from Tests of 43 Probiotic Supplements and Kefir Drinks

White Plains, New York, November 6, 2015 — How many beneficial organisms are in probiotic supplements and kefir drinks? Are any contaminated with pathogens, such as E. coli, and do those labeled as "gluten free" or "99% lactose-free" live up to their claims? To find out, ConsumerLab.

Recalls & Warnings

June 20, 2020

FTC Warns 30 More Companies for Coronavirus Claims

On June 18, 2020, the FTC announced that it sent warning letters to 30 companies for selling products such as immune system boosters, colloidal silver, vitamin C, and CBD with unsupported claims that they can treat coronavirus (COVID-19).

Recalls & Warnings

January 12, 2023

FDA Warns Two Sellers Promoting CBD to Treat COVID-19

On January 10, 2023, the FDA issued warning letters to two companies following a review that found statements made on the companies’ websites to be drug claims because they promoted the cannabidiol (CBD) products to prevent or treat COVID-19.

News Release

February 19, 2015

Only 50% of Aloe Products Pass Tests

White Plains, New York, February 19, 2015 — "Choose aloe products carefully," cautions president Tod Cooperman, M.D. after recent tests found only five of 10 aloe pills, gels and drinks selected for review to contain what the company expected based on labels.

Recalls & Warnings

April 11, 2020

FDA Warns Seller of Products Promoted to Treat Coronavirus in Pets and Humans

On April 7, 2020, the FDA issued a warning letter to Savvy Holistic Health dba Holistic Healthy Pet for selling products intended for pets and humans with unsupported claims that they can treat coronavirus (COVID-19).

Recalls & Warnings

June 16, 2019

"Immune Support" Throat Sprays Recalled

On June 13 2019, APS BioGroup, Inc. issued a recall of four "immune support" throat sprays because they have the potential to be contaminated with Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, a bacteria that can cause respiratory infection, particularly in individuals with weakened immune systems.

Recalls & Warnings

June 12, 2023

Children's Liquid Vitamin Supplement Recalled

On June 7, 2023, Procaps S.A. de C.V. issued a voluntary recall of various lots of Laboratorios Lopez’s Bacaolinita 8 fl. oz children's liquid vitamin supplement because it contains undeclared PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil.

Recalls & Warnings

September 08, 2018

Homeopathic Oral Sprays Recalled Due to Possible Bacterial Contamination

On September 5, 2018, Beaumont Bio Med, Inc., issued a recall of all of its water and alcohol-based homeopathic products because they have the potential to contain microbial contaminants. 

Recalls & Warnings

January 20, 2021

Seller of Omega-3 Warned for Making Claims to Treat Focus, Mood

On December 9, 2020, the FDA issued a warning letter to, LLC following a review of the company's website, which found statements made about the company's products Healthy-Thin Energize, Body Detox (Oral Spray), and Omega 3 Health to be drug claims.

News Release

August 25, 2004 finds not all vitamin E products meet claims — Results for 33 vitamin E supplements and skin products released today

WHITE PLAINS, NY — Wednesday, August 25, 2004   (Updated 10/24/04) — announced today that five vitamin E products failed to pass recent testing for having either too little vitamin E and/or for containing synthetic vitamin E when claiming to be natural.

Recalls & Warnings

March 20, 2020

Seller of Rejuvenation Pills Settles Charges of Making False Claims

Health Center, Inc. has agreed to halt their allegedly deceptive advertising claims about three "cure-all" health and wellness products that targeted older consumers nationwide after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a complaint.

Recalls & Warnings

July 28, 2020

Iron Supplements Recalled Due to Undeclared Allergen

Between July 23 and 24, 2020, two companies issued recalls of iron supplements because they may contain undeclared milk.

Recalls & Warnings

March 19, 2019

FDA Calls Promotion of Nyloxin Homeopathic Products for Pain a "Health Fraud Scam"

On March 11, 2019, the FDA issued a warning letter to Nutra Pharma Corp. following a review of the company's website ( and social media sites found that the company was making drug claims about its homeopathic products promoted for arthritis and cancer pain.

Recalls & Warnings

May 09, 2020

FTC Warns 45 More Companies for Coronavirus Claims

On May 7, 2020, the FTC announced that it sent warning letters to 45 companies for selling products such as herbal products, immune system boosters, and vitamin C with unsupported claims that they can treat coronavirus (COVID-19).

Recalls & Warnings

March 26, 2021

Nine Banned Stimulants Found in Workout, Weight Loss Supplements

Recent analysis of 17 brands of sports/energy and weight loss supplements sold in the U.S. found nine prohibited stimulants formulated into eight different combinations, and none of these combinations have been studied in people.

Recalls & Warnings

May 11, 2022

FDA Warns 10 Companies for Selling Workout Supplements With Dangerous Ingredients

On May 4, 2022, the FDA issued warning letters to 10 companies for selling products promoted for muscle building, fat burning and other uses that contain potentially dangerous ingredients not permitted in dietary supplements, including hordenine, higenamine, 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin, and CBD.

Recalls & Warnings

September 09, 2018

Higenamine -- A Potentially Dangerous Stimulant -- Found in Some Supplements

A recent study found concerningly high doses of the stimulant higenamine in some weight loss, energy and sports supplements sold in the U.S. Higenamine is a naturally-occurring stimulant which is permitted to be sold as a dietary supplement ingredient in the U.S.

Recalls & Warnings

December 22, 2005

Health Canada Warns Consumers Not to Take Chaparral

On December 21, 2005, Health Canada (Canada's health ministry) warned consumers not to ingest the herb chaparral in the form of loose leaves, teas, capsules or bulk herbal products because of the risk of liver and kidney problems.

Recalls & Warnings

March 10, 2015

Seller of Vision Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims

On February 26, 2015, the FDA issued a warning letter to Biosyntrx, following a facility inspection which found the company's products, including BioTears Oral Gel Caps, ZoOmega-3 Concentrated Pharmaceutical-Grade Fish Oil, EpiCor A Nutrient-dense High Metabolite Immunogen, Sight C+ Mineral ...

Recalls & Warnings

April 14, 2020

Herbs of Kedem Warned for Making Coronavirus Claims

On April 10, 2020, the FDA issued a warning letter to Herbs of Kedem for selling products with unsupported claims that they can treat coronavirus (COVID-19).

Recalls & Warnings

November 26, 2019

FDA Warns Companies Selling CBD Products as Dietary Supplements

On November 25, 2019, the FDA issued warning letters to 15 companies for selling products containing CBD (cannabidiol) labeled and marketed as dietary supplements, and/or for making drug claims about these products.

Recalls & Warnings

June 17, 2015

Maker of Joint Supplement Warned for Manufacturing Violations

On May 29, 2015, the FDA issued a warning letter to Total Health Advanced Nutrition, Inc.

Recalls & Warnings

August 09, 2010

FDA Warns Against "Miracle" Mineral Supplement

On July 30, 2010, The U.S. FDA warned consumers not to consume or use Miracle Mineral Solution, an oral liquid solution also known as "Miracle Mineral Supplement" or "MMS." The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health.

Recalls & Warnings

May 19, 2018

Homeopathic Teething Drops, Nausea Drops, Silver-Zinc Throat Spray & More Recalled

On May 18, 2018, MBI Distributing, Inc.

Recalls & Warnings

August 31, 2012

Recent Cases of Lead Poisoning From Ayurvedic Medications from India

Public health officials have reported six cases of lead poisoning among foreign-born women who took Ayurvedic herbal products imported from India. The cases were reported by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Recalls & Warnings

February 19, 2019

DG Baby Gripe Water Herbal Supplement Recalled

On February 15, 2019, Kingston Pharma, LLC issued a recall of all lots of DG Baby Gripe Water herbal supplement with organic ginger and fennel extracts due to the presence of an undissolved ingredient, citrus flavonoid.

Recalls & Warnings

October 18, 2005

FTC Stops False Claims about HGH Oral Spray

On October 18, 2005, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that, at its request, a federal court issued a temporary restraining order against marketers of oral sprays that supposedly contain human growth hormone (HGH) to stop them from making alleged false and deceptive claims and from ...

Recalls & Warnings

June 14, 2007

Marketers of Bogus Growth Hormone Sprays Settle with FTC

On May 29, 2007 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)announced that two operations that marketed oral sprays that were supposed to help users lose weight, reverse the aging process, and prevent or treat diseases have settled FTC charges that their claims were bogus.

Recalls & Warnings

May 30, 2015

Seller of Supplements for Herpes, Prostate Cancer & More Warned for Drug Claims

On May 7, 2015, the FDA issued a warning letter to Strictly Health Corporation, following a review of the company's websites which found statements made about FENVIR, Prosta Pep and Tonalin brand CLA to be drug claims.

Recalls & Warnings

May 22, 2018

FDA Warns Companies Selling "Sun Protection" Supplements

On May 18, 2018, the FDA issued warning letters to four companies selling supplements for sun protection because statements made on product labels, websites and in marketing materials were found to be drug claims, which are not permitted for dietary supplements. 

Recalls & Warnings

December 02, 2005

Steroids Detected In Supplement

On November 30, 2005, The Washington Post reported that a dietary supplement marketed to fitness and health enthusiasts on the Internet and in body-building shops contains anabolic steroids, according to a prominent researcher.

Recalls & Warnings

October 17, 2015

"Herbal Viagra" Taken by Lamar Odom Was a Known Problem

It was reported this week that former NBA star, Lamar Odom, entered a coma after taking as many as 10 pills of the "herbal Viagra" formula Reload, along with cocaine.

Recalls & Warnings

November 07, 2015

Seller of "NaturalDoctor" Vitamin C, Echinacea and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations

On October 16, 2015, the FDA issued a warning letter Sound Healing Arts, PC, dba Grounds for Tea, LLC, following a facility inspection which found the company's products, including  NaturalDoctor Vitamins C & K3, NaturalDoctor Goldenseal & Echinacea Plus, NaturalDoctor Centella ...

Recalls & Warnings

December 08, 2011

HCG Diet Products Don't Work and Are Illegal Says FDA

On December 6, 2011, the U.S. FDA warned consumers to avoid homeopathic HCG weight-loss diet products because they don't work, often make unsupported claims, and are illegal for sale. In addition, some of these products direct user to follow a potentially dangerous diet.

Recalls & Warnings

April 12, 2013

Zicam Advised Against Using Cold Prevention Claim In Advertising

On April 5, 2013, it was reported that the National Advertising Division (NAD) recommended that Matrixx Initiatives, maker of Zicam cold products, stop making claims in its advertising that the product can prevent colds.

Recalls & Warnings

February 07, 2013

Growth Factor Supplement For "Size, Strength and Stamina" Recalled Due To Potential Contamination

On January 2, 2013, EonNutra, LLC issued a voluntary recall of specific batches of Soto Supplements Growth Factor Complex 200 GFC 200 (2 fl oz.) liquid dietary supplement due to potential bacterial contamination.

Recalls & Warnings

March 06, 2015

Nine Male Enhancement Supplements Found to Contain Drugs

On March 2 and March 3, 2015, the FDA warned consumers not to buy or use the following nine male sexual enhancement supplements because they were found to contain an undeclared sildenafil or vardenafil. Each was identified during an examination of international mail shipments.

Recalls & Warnings

April 08, 2017

Woman Dies After Receiving Turmeric Infusion

On March 16, 2017, a San Diego, California woman died days after receiving an IV infusion of turmeric.   Jade Erick, age 30, suffered a brain injury and cardiac arrest after receiving the first 5 mL of a 250 mL infusion of turmeric in the office of a naturopathic doctor.

Recalls & Warnings

November 29, 2016

Bentonite Clay Promoted for "Detoxification" Contaminated With Lead

On June 17, 2016, the FDA issued a warning letter to Best Bentonite, following a facility inspection and laboratory analysis of product sample which found the company's Best Bentonite to be contaminated with lead.

Recalls & Warnings

November 25, 2016

Homeopathic Teething Tablets and Ear Relief Products Containing Belladonna Recalled

On November 24, 2016, Raritan Pharmaceuticals, a contract manufacturer for Homeolab USA, issued a recall of three homeopathic products for infants and/or children which contain belladonna extract. The products may contain belladonna alkaloids, compounds which can have harmful effects in people.

Recalls & Warnings

May 23, 2013

Seller of Sexual Enhancement, Cholesterol, Resveratrol Supplements and More Warned For Drug Claims

On May 2, 2013, the FDA issued a warning letter to Alternative Health Supplements, following a review of the company's website, which found statements made about several dietary supplements, including Regenerect, Alligin, Astaxanthin Advantage, HDL Cholesterol Management, Resveratrol, Coral Calcium ...

Recalls & Warnings

November 01, 2016

FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Twelve Energy and Sexual Enhancement Supplements

The FDA recently warned consumers not to buy or use the following "energy" and sexual enhancement supplements, which are sold on various websites and in some retail stores, because they were found to contain undeclared drugs: 

Recalls & Warnings

October 06, 2004

False Claims Made by Marketer of Cortisol-related Weight-Loss Supplements According to FTC

On October 6, 2004, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)charged marketers of two dietary supplements with claiming, falsely and without substantiation, that their products can cause weight loss and reduce the risk of, or prevent, serious health conditions.