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Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements Review (Sterols and Policosanol)

Initial Posting: 9/27/17 Last Update: 1/2/18
Sterol, Stanol, and Policosanol Supplements for Cholesterol-lowering Reviewed by

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Alphabetical list of cholesterol-lowering supplement brands with sterols or policosanol compared in this review
Andrew Lessman's ProCaps Laboratories CholestaCare Nature's Life Policosanol Solgar Policosanol
Enzymatic Therapy Cholesterol Shield Pure Encapsulations CholestePure Source Naturals Cholesterol Rescue
Life Extension Policosanol Puritan's Pride Policosanol Swanson Ultra Policosanol
Nature Made CholestOff Shaklee Cholesterol Reduction Complex Vibrant Health Cholesterol Blocker - Version 2.1 Vanilla
Andrew Lessman's ProCaps Laboratories CholestaCare Enzymatic Therapy Cholesterol Shield Life Extension Policosanol Nature Made CholestOff Nature's Life Policosanol Pure Encapsulations CholestePure Puritan's Pride Policosanol Shaklee Cholesterol Reduction Complex Solgar Policosanol Source Naturals Cholesterol Rescue Swanson Ultra Policosanol Vibrant Health Cholesterol Blocker - Version 2.1 Vanilla
Make sure the sterol or policosanol supplement you take passed our test and is right for you!
Isn't your health worth it?
Elevated cholesterol is a key risk factor for heart disease.  Many supplements are sold to improve cholesterol levels.  Some really work to lower cholesterol, while the evidence is not as strong for others.  Among those proven to work are plant sterols, also known as phytosterols. tested several sterol supplements, however, one product appeared to be best -- having clinical evidence to support it and being lowest in cost. 

Another supplement ingredient touted to lower your cholesterol is policosanol, although the evidence is mixed. Tests by identified several policosanol supplements that delivered what they promised, and one was, by far, the best value. also reviewed the evidence for many other ingredients that may improve cholesterol levels and/or triglyceride levels. 

You must be a member to get the full test results for plant sterol and policosanol supplements along with recommendations and quality ratings. You will get results for ten supplements selected by and for two others that passed voluntary, quality certification testing.  

In this comprehensive review, you'll discover:
    • Which plant sterol and policosanol supplements failed testing and which passed
    • Direct comparisons and quality ratings of cholesterol-lowering supplements (and discussion of Smart Balance and Benecol spreads) 
    • The pros and cons of other cholesterol-lowering ingredients such as fish oil (omega-3), garlic, niacin, red yeast rice, guggulsterone, pantethine, soy protein and Sytrinol, and which may be best for you. (Links to product tests for many of these supplements are included.)  
    • Dosage recommendations and how best to take cholesterol-lowering supplements, including plant sterols, plant stanols, and policosanol 
    • Concerns, cautions, drug and nutrient interactions, and potential side effects of plant sterols and policosanol 

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