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Garlic Supplements Review

Find the best garlic supplements based on ConsumerLab's tests of popular brands. Learn how garlic helps with cholesterol, blood pressure, colds, and more.

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1.What are the health benefits of black garlic?
2.Does garlic lower cholesterol?
3.How are you staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic?  (in Comments)
4.Are enteric coated supplements better than non-enteric coated ones?
5.Which supplements can help lower cholesterol and keep my heart healthy? Are there any to avoid?
6.Do any supplements help prevent or treat a cold?
7.What supplements should I stop taking before surgery?
8.Are there any supplements I should avoid when taking aspirin or ibuprofen?  (in Comments)
9.Could my CoQ10 supplement be causing my insomnia?
10.How do the Beyond Burger, the Impossible Burger, and a beef burger compare in terms of vitamins and minerals, and which is best?  (in Comments)
11.I have been having dizziness for the past few months and am wondering if it could be a side effect of supplements I take. Which supplements cause dizziness?
12.I take warfarin (Coumadin), an anticoagulant drug. Are there supplements I should avoid, or be taking, due to this drug?
13.Is it safe to take curcumin or turmeric supplements for a long period of time?  (in Comments)
14.Which supplements can help lower my triglycerides?
15.What are the most common, potentially dangerous interactions between supplements and drugs?
16.I have low blood pressure. Are there any supplements I should avoid?
17.Are there supplements I should avoid when taking apixaban (Eliquis) or similar blood thinner drugs?
18.Do any supplements help for flu?
19.Is it best to take probiotic supplements with or without food? It seems like everyone has a different recommendation.  (in Comments)
20.What are CoQ10 side effects?  (in Comments)
21.What are natural remedies for coronavirus (COVID-19)? Do supplements like zinc, vitamin C, or herbals work?  (in Comments)
22.Does Procera AVH really improve memory and mood?
23.Which supplements can help me sleep?
24.Which supplements can help to lower blood pressure?
25.Can heat and humidity destroy whey protein and other sports nutrition supplements (e.g., creatine, BCAAs, digestive enzymes) during shipping or while storing at home?  (in Comments)
26.What is the difference between cysteine and cystine?
27.With herbal supplements, what is the difference between root powder and root extract? Does it matter?
28.Do any supplements really help with brain function, like memory and cognition?
29.I was surprised when my doctor told me to stop taking supplements because my kidney function was low. But after stopping the supplements, my kidney function returned to normal. Can taking a lot of supplements really damage the kidneys?
30.What is serrapeptase and does it work?
31.Does Alpha Brain really improve memory, focus and cognition?

Clinical Updates Found:
2020 Can Garlic Slow Atherosclerosis? (05/02/2020)
Can Garlic Slow Atherosclerosis?
Can taking a garlic supplement slow the build-up of plaque in arteries? See what a new study found in the What It Does section of the Garlic Supplements Review. Also see our top choices for garlic supplements.
2019 Garlic and Blood Pressure (01/23/2019)
Garlic and Blood Pressure
If you have high blood pressure, a particular garlic supplement may provide some benefit, according to a recent study. For details, see the "What It Does" section of the Garlic Supplements Review. Also see our top choices for garlic supplements.
2012 Does Garlic Lower Cholesterol? (02/19/2012)
Does Garlic Lower Cholesterol?
Garlic can lower total cholesterol but not by lowering so called "bad" or LDL cholesterol, according to a recent analysis. Find out more in the update to the Garlic Supplements Review, which includes our tests of garlic supplements and information on dosing. More >>

Recent Recalls and Warnings Found:
1.Supplement Company Continues to Make False Claims About Its Products, Says FTC (12/21/2019)
2.Seller of Curcumin, Garcinia, Glucosamine and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations (09/19/2018)
3.Seller of Astaxanthin, Cinnamon, Pine Bark and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations (05/12/2018)
4.FDA Reports Prevalence of Salmonella In Retail Spices (02/17/2018)

Archived Recalls and Warnings Found:
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1.FDA Warns Seller of "Quick Slim with pure Hoodia Gardonii" and "Diabalance Herbal Blood Sugar Balance" (07/18/2017)
2.Beware of Products Which Promise to Treat or Cure Cancer, FDA Warns (04/25/2017)
3.Some Supplements May Cause or Exacerbate Heart Failure (Includes vitamin E and many herbs) (08/06/2016)
4.More Nutrition Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (06/15/2016)
5.Major Retailers Accused of Selling Adulterated Herbal Supplements (02/03/2015)
6.Maker of Aloe, Weight Loss Supplements and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims (12/30/2014)
7.Seller of Cholesterol, Arthritis Supplements and More Warned for Drug Claims (11/06/2014)
8.Seller of Prostate, Heart Supplements and More Warned for Drug Claims (11/06/2014)
9.Seller of Weight Loss, Saw Palmetto Supplements and More Warned for Drug Claims (10/21/2014)
10.Seller of Aloe, Thyroid and Other Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (04/16/2014)
11.Weight Loss Capsules Recalled Due Allergen Risk (12/16/2013)
12.Seller of Herbal Supplements and "Tonics" Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (09/05/2013)
13.Seller of Cardio, Immune, Greens Supplements and More Warned For Drug Claims (06/13/2013)
14.Seller of Sexual Enhancement, Cholesterol, Resveratrol Supplements and More Warned For Drug Claims (05/23/2013)
15.Maker of Omega-3, Saw Palmetto, St. John’s Wort Supplements And More Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (05/03/2013)
16.Probiotic Recalled Due To Undeclared Soy (03/21/2013)
17.FDA and FTC Warn: Supplements Cannot Prevent, Treat Or Cure Cold And Flu (02/21/2013)
18.Manufacturer of Heart, Multivitamin, Cranberry, and Longevity Supplements Warned For Adulteration and Drug Claims (02/13/2013)
19.Maker of Blood Pressure, Probiotic, Resveratrol and Hormonal Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (11/21/2012)
20.Maker of Joint Health, Blood Sugar, Prostate, Ginkgo Supplements and More Warned For Drug Claims, Misbranding and Adulteration (11/02/2012)
21.Garlic Supplement Maker Warned For Misbranding and Drug Claims (10/24/2012)
22.Natural Product Manufacturer Warned For GMP Violations, Misbranding, Unapproved Devices and Drug Claims (10/18/2012)
23.Maker of Noni, Nopal, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Supplements Warned For Drug Claims, Misbranding, and Manufacturing Violations (09/18/2012)
24.Alistrol Health Inc. Warned Over Health Claims on Products (07/13/2012)
25.FDA Warns Good Herbs Inc. of Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (07/05/2012)
26.Mixing Herbal Supplements, Migraine Medications Can Be Dangerous (06/20/2003)

News Releases Found:
2019 Best Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements (Sterols, Stanols & Policosanol) Identified by ConsumerLab (04/26/2019)
2014 Round-up of Recent Product Tests by -- Results for B Vitamin Supplements & Energy Drinks, Garlic, NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), Iron and Omega-7 Fatty Acids (12/09/2014)
 Which Supplements Help Lower Cholesterol? Identifies Best Products by Reviewing Evidence and Testing Quality (07/22/2014)
2010 Cholesterol-lowering supplements reviewed by Many pass quality testing, one fails. Sterol and policosanol products analyzed.  Evidence for other cholesterol-lowering ingredients evaluated (03/25/2010)
2006 Care advised with natural cold remedies: finds few products with proper quality and directions — offers advice from tests of echinacea, garlic, ginseng, vitamin C, and zinc supplements (10/10/2006) evaluates cholesterol-lowering supplements — Test results available for over 90 products; Review of nine popular ingredients (08/01/2006)
 What's in a garlic supplement? Consumerlab finds few brands have it right and many mislead (06/22/2006)
 Problems persist with ginseng supplements — finds nearly half of products lack ingredient or contaminated (05/24/2006) tests cancer-prevention supplements; several contaminated with lead or low in ingredient
— Report available for green tea, selenium, and lycopene supplements
(04/26/2006) reports on 29 popular melatonin sleep supplements (03/29/2006) reports on supplements for bone health containing calcium and vitamin D— Results posted for 32 supplements for adults and children; One found contaminated with lead (03/13/2006) finds most prostate supplements have correct ingredients, but three fail testing — Results posted for 22 supplements containing saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol (02/06/2006)
 Sexual enhancement supplements analyzed by (01/25/2006)
2003 finds many cholesterol-lowering supplements poorly made — Test results published online today (07/31/2003)
2002 Enormous variation found in strength of garlic supplements — most popular herb in U.S. — releases results online today (10/29/2002)
 Problems found with most sexual enhancement supplements evaluated by — Only 9 of 22 products pass independent review (09/24/2002) finds some spoilage and inaccuracy among omega-3 and 6 supplements — List released of evening primrose, flaxseed and other GLA/ALA products that passed testing  (08/07/2002) finds lead contamination remains a problem for certain mineral supplements — Lead found in iron, magnesium and, most recently, potassium pills (07/16/2002) reviews radioprotective Iodine pills in response to terrorist threats — Quality of products is high, but local access is poor (06/25/2002) lists magnesium products that passed testing — Some products fail due to excess magnesium and lead contamination (05/15/2002)
2000 announces first test-based buyer's guide to dietary supplements; Manufacturers encouraged to have products tested for potential inclusion. (04/24/2000)
 Quality of prostate supplements get mixed review in study; Saw palmetto product review published online today. (01/31/2000)
 Majority of dietary supplements sold in U.S. being tested by in 2000; newest results due January 31 for Saw Palmetto. (01/24/2000)


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