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Read our review to help you find best oats and oat-based cereals. We tested for ochratoxin A (OTA), gluten and contamination with lead, cadmium, and arsenic. We explain the evidence for the health benefits of oats, including lowering bad LDL cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. Find out which oat cereals passed our tests. We also tested a buckwheat cereal.

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1.I've heard that soaking dried beans for 24 hours reduces the phytate level, allowing for greater access to nutrients. Is this true?  (in Comments)
2.Is it true that oat cereals, like Cheerios, oatmeal, oatflakes and steel-cut oats can be contaminated with a toxin?
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 Fiber Benefits (01/12/2019)
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1.Protein Bars Recalled After Consumer Finds Piece of Plastic in Bar (11/27/2017)
2.Protein Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (08/03/2017)
3.Protein Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (07/24/2017)
4.Oat Cereal Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (07/18/2017)
5.Soylent Powder Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (04/25/2017)
6.Soylent Recalls Bars As It Investigates Complaints of Gastrointestinal Issues (10/13/2016)
7.Maker of Immune Supplement Warned for Manufacturing Violations (12/05/2014)
8.Seller of Cardio, Immune, Greens Supplements and More Warned For Drug Claims (06/13/2013)

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2005 tests menopause supplements — Alternatives to hormonal therapy — Report available for 38 products including soy and red clover isoflavones, black cohosh, and progesterone creams (07/18/2005)


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