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Elderly Individual Taking Two Supplements from Blister Packs


CoQ10 can be taken at the same time as statin medication. However, regular CoQ10 is fat-soluble, so it is best absorbed with foods that contain fats. Some statins are better absorbed when taken without food, so, if yours is one of them, it would be better to take CoQ10 separately with a meal that contains fats or oils (preferably unsaturated fats or oil, as these are better for your cardiovascular system). (Note: Some CoQ10 supplements include bioavailability enhancers, allowing them to be taken without food.)

If you typically take your statin medication at night and want to take CoQ10 at the same time, be aware that taking CoQ10 at bedtime may cause insomnia in some people.

For more about the best way to take CoQ10, see the ConsumerTips section of the CoQ10 Supplements Review. Also see our Top Picks among CoQ10 supplements.

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