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2.Vitamin B2
4.Preventive Medicine
7.Complications of Diabetes
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1.Do any supplements help prevent or improve cataracts? 
2.Do vitamin C supplements help prevent cataracts? 
3.Is it possible to take too much vitamin C? 
4.Do any supplements help prevent sunburn or skin damage from sun exposure? 
5.Do glutathione supplements work to prevent aging or for other conditions? 
6.Are there negative interactions between the following supplements I take twice each day, as well as 60 mg of beta-sitosterol with dinner: Vitamin C (500 mg), CoQ10 (100 mg), grape seed extract (100 mg), fish oil (500 mg), vitamin D3/calcium/magnesium/zinc (200 IU/333 mg/113 mg/5mg)? 

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2017 08/26/2017High-Dose B Vitamins & Cataract Risk
2014 09/19/2014Can Vitamin E and/or Selenium Help Prevent Cataracts?
 01/19/2014Multivitamin Lowers Cataract Risk

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1.UK Warns Against a Weight Loss Supplement Still Available to Americans (Posted: 08/22/2013)
2.Seller of Vision Supplement Warned For Drug Claims (Posted: 07/05/2013)
3.Supplement Company Warned For Medical Claims and Misbranding Of Omega-3, CoQ10, Noni Juice And More (Posted: 08/30/2012)
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5.Seller of Eye Supplement Purporting to Restore Vision and Eliminate "Floaters" Settles FTC Charges (Posted: 02/19/2005)

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2017 03/15/ Reveals Best and Worst Vitamin C Supplements -- 20% Fail Tests of Quality
2014 02/13/2014Calcium, Vitamin C, and Fish Oil Supplements Drop in Use, Probiotics Rise According to Survey
2007 07/12/ finds lutein & zeaxanthin supplements vary widely in strength but most meet ingredient claims — Right amount of antioxidant may help prevent macular degeneration and improve vision
2004 12/20/2004Testing of Alpha-lipoic acid supplements by finds most meet label claims but one with only 15% of ingredient — Antioxidant of potential benefit in diabetes and other conditions
 01/29/ finds lutein supplements vary widely in strength but most meet ingredient claims — Right amount of antioxidant compound may reduce risk of blindness