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Digestive Enzyme Supplements Reviewed by

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Alphabetical list of digestive enzyme brands compared in this review

View Larger Image 6428_small_DoctorsBest-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

Doctor's Best Best Digestive Enzymes

View Larger Image 6429_small_DrTobias-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

Dr. Tobias Digest Plant-Based Enzymes

View Larger Image 6433_small_Enzymedia-DigestGold-Medium-2019.jpg

Enzymedica Digest Gold with ATPro

View Larger Image 6434_small_GardenOfLife-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Enzymes Organic Digest

View Larger Image 6430_small_GNC-NaturalBrand-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

GNC Natural Brand Super Digestive Enzymes

View Larger Image 6435_small_HealthyOrigins-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

Healthy Origins Digestive Enzymes

View Larger Image 6432_small_NOW-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

NOW Optimal Digestive System

View Larger Image 6436_small_PureEncapsulations-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Ultra

View Larger Image 6437_small_RenewLife-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

Renew Life Digest Smart

View Larger Image 6431_small_Synergy-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

Synergy Mega Digestive Enzymes

View Larger Image 6438_small_USANA-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

USANA Digestive Enzyme

View Larger Image 6439_small_Zenwise-DigestiveEnzymes-Medium-2019.jpg

ZenWise Health Daily Digestive Enzymes With Prebiotics + Probiotics


  • What are digestive enzyme supplements? Digestive enzyme supplements contain enzymes such as bromelain, papain, amylase, cellulase and phytase, that can help you digest specific foods when you do not naturally produce enough enzymes. (See "What They Are" for a list of enzymes and the foods they break down.) They may also have other beneficial effects.
  • How to choose a digestive enzyme supplement: Choose a digestive enzyme supplement that lists enzyme activity units (such as PU, HUT, FIP, etc.), not just the amount of enzyme (such as milligrams) since that won't tell you how potent the enzyme is (See "What They Do"). Also, check that or another reputable independent 3rd party has verified the enzyme activity. As found in this Review, some products don't provide what they list (See "What CL Found")
  • Best digestive enzyme supplements? See our Top Pick among products "Approved" by
  • Digestive enzyme supplements safety and side effects: Digestive enzymes are generally well-tolerated but people with allergies to a specific enzyme source, certain medical conditions, or who take medications such as blood-thinners or diabetes drugs may need to avoid specific enzymes (See "Concerns and Cautions").

You must be a member to get the full test results for digestive enzyme supplements along with ConsumerLab's recommendations and quality ratings. You will get results for 12 supplements, including nine selected by and three others that passed the same testing through our voluntary Quality Certification Program. In this comprehensive review, you'll discover:
  • Which digestive enzyme supplements failed testing and which passed
  • ConsumerLab's Top Pick for digestive enzyme supplements
  • What different digestive enzymes do
  • The evidence for digestive enzymes for improving digestion and the absorption of nutrients, preventing indigestion, helping with conditions such as lactose intolerance and ulcerative colitis, and other uses such as reducing pain and inflammation
  • The amylase, lipase, and protease activity in each supplement and the other important enzymes they contain -- like lactase, alpha-galactosidase, cellulase, and phytase
  • How to choose an enzyme supplement and the best way to take them, including what enzyme units to look for on labels and dosage for specific uses
  • Potential side effects and drug interactions with digestive enzymes

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