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  • What is SAMe?

    SAMe is a compound which naturally occurs in the human body (see What It Is).
  • Health benefits of SAMe:

    As a supplement, it has two major uses (see What It Does).
    • It is effective as a treatment for osteoarthritis and associated joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation. It may take longer to work than leading anti-inflammatory drugs but the benefit seems to last longer with fewer side effects.
    • It is an effective antidepressant in treating major depression and may be particularly useful for people who do not respond to prescription treatment.
  • How to choose a SAMe product:

    Choose SAMe products carefully because it is an expensive ingredient (companies may put in less than listed) and is sensitive to breakdown if exposed to heat or moisture. Look for a product packaged in a blister pack. SAMe comes in different forms, including tosylate, disulfate tosylate, disulfate ditosylate, and 1,4-butanedisulfonate, although there is no evidence that one form is more beneficial than another (see ConsumerTips™). Generally, it should also have an enteric-coating to protect it from degradation by stomach acids which can render it ineffective. (See Quality Concerns)
  • What did CL's tests of SAMe find?

    Among the 10 products selected by CL for testing, one contained only 76.5% of its listed SAMe and provided an unusually small dose. (See What CL Found).
  • How much SAMe should I take?

    Daily dosage shown to be effective in clinical trials ranges from 800 mg to 1,600 mg of SAMe (See ConsumerTips™ for details).
  • Best SAMe supplements:

    See Top Picks for products which passed testing, were enteric coated, and provided SAMe at lowest cost. All of these are packaged in blister packs for stability.
  • SAMe safety and side effects:

    SAMe should not be used by people with bipolar disorder (See Concerns and Cautions for more information.)

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SAM-e supplement brands compared in this review

View Larger Image Cellfood-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

Cellfood SAM-e Liquid Formula

View Larger Image CVS-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

CVS/pharmacy SAM-e

View Larger Image DesignsForHealth-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

Designs For Health SAMe

View Larger Image DoctorsBest-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

Doctor’s Best Double-Strength SAMe

View Larger Image GNC-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

GNC SAM-e 400

View Larger Image NatureMade-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

Nature Made SAM-e Complete

View Larger Image NaturesSunshine-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

Nature's Sunshine SAM-e

View Larger Image 6998_small_NaturesTrove-SamE-Small-2020.jpg

Nature's Trove SAMe 400 mg

View Larger Image NOW-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg


View Larger Image RiteAid-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

RiteAid Pharmacy SAM-e 200 mg

View Larger Image SpringValley-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

Spring Valley SAMe

View Larger Image Swanson-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

Swanson Ultra High-Potency SAMe

View Larger Image TheVitaminDepot-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

The Vitamin Depot Double Strength SAM-e

View Larger Image Vitacost-SAMe-Small-2016.jpg

Vitacost SAM-e

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  • SAM-e dosage for different conditions
  • Concerns, drug interactions, and potential side-effects of SAM-e 

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