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What is hesperidin, what is it used for and is it safe?

Learn about hesperidin, including whether its beneficial for heart health, problems with circulation, stroke, cognitive function, depression, cancer and other conditions, and find out if it is safe.

A glass of orange juice sitting on a table and surrounded by sliced and whole oranges

Which supplements help reduce flatulence (gas), and are there any that make it worse?

Find out which supplements may help reduce flatulence (gas), and learn which supplements or foods may worsen symptoms of flatulence.

Older woman sitting on her bed and holding her stomach due to gas and bloating

Is cinnamon dangerous for my liver? I put about a teaspoon of it in my oatmeal every day.

The most common form of cinnamon contains a naturally occurring liver toxin called coumarin. Find out how much cinnamon is safe to consume, and how often it can be consumed. Also learn how much coumarin ConsumerLab found in popular cinnamon and spices.

Liver Danger With Cinnamon -- Bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and cinnamon sticks

Do any drugs prevent or treat COVID-19?

Learn more about drugs for preventing and treating COVID-19, including who can receive these treatments, when the treatments should be initiated, and which appear to be effective against Omicron variants.


What is hydrogen water? Is it beneficial for alertness, athletic performance, arthritis or other conditions, and is it safe?

Find out if hydrogen water has benefits with regard to alertness, side effects of radiotherapy in cancer patients, metabolic syndrome, athletic performance, rheumatoid arthritis, liver disease, and other conditions, and learn if it is safe to use.

Portable hydrogen water generator

Can taking B vitamin supplements help protect against mosquito bites?

Find out if taking B vitamin supplements can reduce the attraction of mosquitoes to people.

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Does Provitalize work for weight loss and is it safe?

Find out if taking Provitalize, a probiotic supplement that also contains turmeric extract, moringa leaf extract, curry leaf extract and piperine (BioPerine), is safe and beneficial for weight management.

A bottle of Provitalize

Can taking astaxanthin increase the risk of breast enlargement in men?

Find out if taking astaxanthin can increase the risk of breast enlargement (gynecomastia) in men.

Capsules of astaxanthin being poured onto a wooden table

Do any supplements or foods benefit people with Crohn's disease? Are there any supplements that should be avoided?

Find out the most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies in people with Crohn's disease, including iron, B6, B12, vitamin D, zinc and others, plus evidence for N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG), fish oil, and curcumin.

Supplements for Crohn's Disease -- Crohn's Disease Written on Notepad, Pills

Does Bacopa extract improve memory, mood, or sleep? Is it safe?

Find out if bacopa improves memory and cognition, mood or sleep, and whether it's been shown to be helpful in people with Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Plus, learn about the safety and common side effects of bacopa.

Bacopa for Memory and Cognition -- Bacopa leaves and powder
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