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Nutrition Bars Reviewed by (Energy, Fiber, Meal Replacement, Protein, and Whole Food Bars)

Nutrition Bars & Cookies Review (For Energy, Fiber, Protein, Meal Replacement, and Whole Foods)

Find the best and worst nutrition bars and cookies based tests of quality, taste, ingredients, and cost among popular brands such as Clif, One, Quest, Powerbar, Lara, Pro, NuGo, Vega, Rx, and Fiber One. Compare protein, fiber, sugar alcohols, and more.

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2.Bee Pollen
3.Vitamin D
4.Enhancing Memory and Mental Function
5.High Cholesterol
6.Calcium Answers to Questions Found:
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1.I have type 2 diabetes. Should I be concerned about ingredients like maltodextrin and maltitol that are found in some protein bars and drinks?
2.How can I find supplements that are gluten-free on
3.What are sugar alcohols and why are they in my nutrition bar?
4.Is it true that iodine can cause acne or other skin problems?
5.What is carrageenan? Should I be concerned that it is an ingredient in my supplement?
6.Which supplements can cause diarrhea?
7.Which supplements help to improve energy and decrease fatigue?
8.Some websites are highly critical of magnesium stearate, which is in many supplements. Is this substance toxic and should I avoid it?

Recalls and Warnings Found:
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1.PROBAR Meal Bars Recalled (07/12/2019)
2."Brain Boosting" Supplements Were Promoted With Non-Existent Clinical Studies (04/23/2019)
3.Jay Robb Egg White Protein Recalled (11/19/2018)
4.Organic Plant Protein Shake Recalled (10/12/2018)
5.MyoWhey Protein Powder Recalled (09/22/2018)
6.Prescript-Assist Probiotic Recalled (06/29/2018)
7.Labrada LeanPro8 Protein Powders Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (04/27/2018)
8.Muscle and Recovery Supplements Recalled Due to Undeclared Milk (04/09/2018)
9.EXO Cricket Protein Bars Recalled (04/06/2018)
10.Workout Supplements Recalled Due To Allergen Risk (04/06/2018)
11.Testosterone, Thyroid, Other Supplements Recalled Due to Undeclared Milk (02/27/2018)
12.Dark Chocolate Bar Recalled (12/13/2017)
13.Protein Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (07/24/2017)
14.Oat Cereal Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (07/18/2017)
15.Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Bars Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (07/11/2017)
16.CLIF Bars Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (07/05/2017)
17.Protein Bars and Bites Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (06/17/2017)
18.Herbalife Protein Bar Recalled (05/06/2017)
19.Soylent Powder Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (04/25/2017)
20.Nutrition Bar Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (04/01/2017)
21.Yogurt Peanut Crunch Bars Recalled Due to E. Coli Risk (03/28/2017)
22.Plant-Based Protein Powders Recalled (03/21/2017)
23.Multivitamin Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (02/28/2017)
24.Vegetarian Protein Drink Recalled Due to Undeclared Milk (01/31/2017)
25.Dark Chocolate Bar Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (01/14/2017)
26.Chocolate Hazelnut Butter CLIF Nut Butter Filled Energy Bars Recalled (12/07/2016)
27.GNC Women's Multi Recalled Due to Undeclared Allergen (11/19/2016)
28.Nutrisystem Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (10/13/2016)
29.Soylent Recalls Bars As It Investigates Complaints of Gastrointestinal Issues (10/13/2016)
30.Ikea Expands Recall of Chocolate Bars (07/16/2016)
31.Ikea Recalls Dark Chocolate Bars Due to Allergen Risk (07/02/2016)
32.Cholesterol-Lowering Supplement Recalled Due To Allergen Risk (06/25/2016)
33.Protein Drinks Recalled Due to Possible Spoilage (06/23/2016)
34.Antioxidant Supplement Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (06/18/2016)
35.Muscle Milk Protein Drinks Recalled (06/18/2016)
36.More Nutrition Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (06/15/2016)
37.Nature Made Multis and B Complex Recalled Due to Salmonella, Staph Risk (06/09/2016)
38.Clif Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (06/02/2016)
39.Amino Acid Supplements Recalled (05/23/2016)
40.Xylitol in Supplements Poses Danger for Dogs (05/14/2016)
41.Multis and Energy Mixes Recalled (05/10/2016)
42.Liquid Multi Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (05/02/2016)
43.Multivitamin Recalled Due to Undeclared Allergens (04/27/2016)
44.More Multis Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (04/23/2016)
45.Multivitamin Recalled Due To Allergen Risk (04/23/2016)
46.Flax Seed and Chia Powders Recalled (02/23/2016)
47.Garden Of Life Recall Expanded (02/16/2016)
48.Garden of Life Shakes and Meals Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk (02/01/2016)
49.Whey Protein Recalled (12/29/2015)
50.Antioxidant Supplement Recalled (09/02/2015)
51.Whey, Casein and Colostrum Products Recalled (08/04/2015)
52.Colostrum Supplement Recalled (05/23/2015)
53.Many Dark Chocolate Bars Found to Contain Undeclared Milk (02/12/2015)
54.Protein Powder Recalled Due to Food Poisoning Risk (01/31/2015)
55.Smoothie Blends Recalled Due to Potential Listeria Contamination (01/21/2015)
56.Nutrition Bars Recalled Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination (12/22/2014)
57.Nutrition Bars Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk (07/30/2014)
58.Chia Seed Recall Expanded (06/28/2014)
59.Chia Powders and Smoothies Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk (05/29/2014)
60.Nutrition Bars Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (03/28/2014)
61.Protein Shakes Containing Prescription Drug Pose Serious Health Risk (11/01/2013)
62.Immune Supplement Recalled Due To Undeclared Milk (08/27/2013)
63.Protein And Nutrition Bars Recalled Due To Undeclared Milk Allergen (06/14/2013)
64.Nutrition Bars Recalled Due To Undeclared Milk Allergen (06/07/2013)
65.Protein Extract Recalled for Undeclared Allergens (05/10/2013)
66.Recall: Multivitamin Containing Undeclared Milk (04/29/2013)
67.Nutrition Bar Recalled Due To Undeclared Allergen (03/11/2013)
68.Protein Bar Recalled Due To Salmonella Risk (03/06/2013)
69.Energy Drink Recalled Due To Bacterial Contamination (02/15/2013)
70."Thermo Stimulating" Supplement Recalled -- Contained DMAA (01/24/2013)
71.Nutrition Bars Recalled Due To Undeclared Allergen (01/16/2013)
72.Recall of Nutrition Bars Containing Peanut Butter Due To Salmonella Risk (10/15/2012)
73.Voluntary Recall of Nutrition Bars (08/17/2012)
74.FDA Warns Sports Nutrition Manufacturer of GMP Violations (08/09/2012)
75.Many Brands of Nutrition Bars Recalled Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination (01/24/2009)
76.FTC Alleges "Heartbar" Made Deceptive Claims About Effectiveness (06/15/2003)
77.Recall Update for Certain Metabolife Bars - Excessive Vitamin A (01/31/2002)

News Releases Found:
2019 Some Nutrition Bars Contain More Carbs and Less Fiber Than Listed, ConsumerLab Tests Reveal (09/11/2019)
2017 New Tests Reveal Whether Dark Chocolates and Cocoas Are Toxic or Healthful (07/19/2017)
2014 You Can't Judge a Dark Chocolate Bar by Its Label, According to Tests by -- Amounts of Cocoa Flavanols Vary Widely Among Popular Brands of Chocolate (11/25/2014) Finds Popular Cocoa Powders Contaminated; High Concentrations of Cadmium Raise Concern (08/05/2014)
 Your Cocoa May Be Contaminated! Reveals What’s Really in Cocoa and Chocolate Products (05/21/2014)
2013 Reports Problems and “Top Picks” Among Bars for Energy, Fiber, Protein, Meal-Replacement, and Whole Food (10/08/2013)
2012 Fish oil and multivitamins most popular supplements in survey -- Internet most popular place to shop (02/05/2012)
2011 Vitamin D use increased 52% in past two years according to survey of supplement users -- Fish oil continued to surpass multivitamins as most popular supplement and Internet was most common place to buy supplements (01/31/2011)
2010 Tests of protein powders and drinks show some lead contamination but no melamine -- New report covers whey, soy, and rice protein supplements for body building, endurance/recovery, meal-replacment and dieting (05/05/2010)
2008 finds improvements in labeling of nutrition bars but potential pitfalls exist -- New report compares 20 bars, including those for protein, fiber, energy and whole food (08/12/2008) Find Fifty Fish Oil Supplements Pass Quality Testing -- New Report Helps Consumers Choose Among Pills, Liquids, Foods and Beverages with Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA and DHA) (08/05/2008)
 Tests of ten red yeast rice supplements by reveal significant statin levels, but some pills contaminated -- Popular cholesterol-lowering supplements compared in new report (07/01/2008)
 Some iron supplements short on iron or contaminated according to (05/05/2008)
 As problems surface, and the people's pharmacy ask FDA to disclose differences between generic and original drugs (03/17/2008) finds most vitamin C supplements pass quality tests but one short on ingredient and some exceed tolerable levels (03/07/2008)
2007 ConsumerLab tests products in booming nutrition drink market — most deliver what's promised but extra cholesterol found in some — New report covers drinks and powders for endurance/recovery, body building, meal-replacement and dieting (08/20/2007)
 Concerned by weaknesses in FDA's new rules for dietary supplements, acts to "raise the bar on quality" (07/17/2007)
2005 reports on nutrition bars — Highlights major differences, inaccuracies, and urges consumers to "know your bar" (02/08/2005)
2004 Testing of Alpha-lipoic acid supplements by finds most meet label claims but one with only 15% of ingredient — Antioxidant of potential benefit in diabetes and other conditions (12/20/2004) expands testing to Japan — Testing Organization Expands to Help Japanese Consumers Determine Quality of Health and Nutrition Products (12/14/2004) finds Omega-3 fish oil supplements safer than fish but quality varies among brands — Test of 41 Supplements Finds No Mercury or PCB Contamination, But Some Spoiled or Lacking Claimed Oils (12/14/2004) finds not all vitamin E products meet claims — Results for 33 vitamin E supplements and skin products released today (08/25/2004) reports on iron supplements — Wide variety of products pass testing; Consumers advised on proper dose, type of iron to avoid problems (07/26/2004) finds several herbal sleep supplements fail tests for quality — Results for 13 valerian products released today (07/07/2004) warns of deceptive campaign by manufacturer of children's vitamin (05/28/2004)
 Consumers warned of pitfalls with some multivitamins and vitamin waters — Testing by uncovers problems with many brands (05/21/2004)
 USANA products pass screening for substances banned from Olympics (01/09/2004)
2002 finds some spoilage and inaccuracy among omega-3 and 6 supplements — List released of evening primrose, flaxseed and other GLA/ALA products that passed testing  (08/07/2002) finds lead contamination remains a problem for certain mineral supplements — Lead found in iron, magnesium and, most recently, potassium pills (07/16/2002) lists magnesium products that passed testing — Some products fail due to excess magnesium and lead contamination (05/15/2002)
 More than one in five weight loss, slimming and/or diabetes supplements fail evaluation — Problems found in chromium and pyruvate products; CLA products fine (04/03/2002) finds nutrition powders & drinks more accurately labeled than nutrition bars, but unapproved food ingredient seen in some (03/05/2002)
 Athletic Banned Substances Screening and Certification Program announced by — Tester of supplements to screen for substances banned in Olympics (02/08/2002) finds most B vitamin supplements contain what they claim, but often exceed safe levels — Consumers cautioned to be aware of side effects with high dose products (01/08/2002)
2001 finds fish oil supplements free of mercury, but 30% lacking in key ingredient — Test results of omega-3 fatty acid (EPA and DHA) products released today (11/20/2001)
 Sixty percent of nutrition bars fail to meet claims in tests — "Low Carb" bars often loaded with carbohydrates; excess sodium and saturated fat also found (10/30/2001)
 Most iron supplements pass testing — Lead contamination and insufficient iron found in some (10/03/2001) expands testing of health products; success of dietary supplement evaluations leads company into broader nutrition field, beginning with popular nutrition bars (03/27/2001)


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