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Supplements to Improve Balance & Reduce the Risk of Falls -- older woman walking up stairs


Moderate doses of vitamin D may improve balance and reduce the risk of falls in older adults deficient in vitamin D; however, be aware that too much vitamin D may actually increase the risk of falls. 

When combined with resistance exercise, supplementation with protein or creatine may help to build muscle in older adults (muscle loss has been associated with an increased risk of falls). Note that many older adults do not get enough protein from their diets and some research suggests intakes higher than current daily recommendations may be needed to reduce muscle loss. There is also evidence that higher intakes of protein, along with recommended intakes of calcium from foods (but not supplements) decreases the risk of falls and fractures.

Also, be aware that being deficient in vitamin B12 can cause problems with balance and gait, which could increase the risk of falls. Melatonin supplements may impair balance in older adults for a period of time after taking.

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