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Bottles containing capsules of Neuriva Original and Neuriva Plus


Neuriva is a line of "brain performance" supplements marketed under the Schiff brand. Some of the ingredients in Neuriva (which include phosphatidylserine, coffee fruit extract, and, in some cases, B vitamins) have limited evidence of modest to no benefit for cognition and memory, but Neuriva itself has not been evaluated in clinical studies and suits have been filed against Neuriva's manufacturer for falsely marketing the supplements as being "clinically proven" without supporting evidence.

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June 27, 2021

One thing rhat IS proven to prevent cognitive decline is the MIND diet. Whole grains, fish, poultry, beans and legumes, berries (especially blue), nuts, greens and vegetables, olive oil and one glass of red wine.
Avoid or reduce to minimum: pastries and sugar, butter and margarine, cheese, red meat, fried food and fast food.
July 8, 2021

You can learn more about the clinical evidence for the MIND diet in our CL Answer about supplements and foods for memory and cognition

June 27, 2021

Improve memory: what/which works best - minimally or moderately or both? Thank you!
July 2, 2021

Please see our CL Answer about supplements and foods that may help with memory and cognition

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