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Doctor's Best Vitamin K Bottle Against White Background


MenaQ7 (NattoPharma ASA) is a branded vitamin K ingredient in the MK-7 form which is derived from chickpea protein. Its manufacturer claim it is soy-free. As most MK-7 is derived from soy, an alternative like this could be of benefit for people who need to avoid soy due to a soy allergy, or other concerns.

In 2017, tested a product containing MenaQ7, but the product did not pass testing. To see the results for this or other vitamin K products, as well as our Top Picks and information about usage, dosage, and safety, see the Vitamin K Supplements Review >>

Be sure not confuse MenaQ7 with an ingredient which has a similar sounding name but is derived from soy. For more about this, see the Cautions and Concerns section of the Vitamin K Supplements Review.

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