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Bottle of Perque Bone Guard Forte


Perque Bone Guard Forté is a supplement marketed as providing "19 uniquely balanced, energized, and alkalinizing bone builders." Although the manufacturer states that the supplement is "guaranteed to build bone or your money back," the product does not appear to have been tested in any clinical trial. While a handful of the ingredients in this product — including vitamin D3, calcium, and vitamin K-2 — have some evidence of benefit for bone health, you could end up paying over 10 times as much for this combination supplement compared to buying just these individual ingredients, and you'd be getting numerous other ingredients (such as vitamin C, vitamin K-1, biotin, zinc, copper, boron, vanadium, silica, and strontium) with little to no evidence of benefit for bone health.

Also, be aware that amounts of some of the vitamins and minerals in Perque Bone Guard Forté — including magnesium, manganese, chromium, selenium, and iodine — are greater than what is considered safe when taken on a daily basis.

Sign in for details about the ingredients in Perque Bone Guard Forté, including which ingredients may be beneficial and which may be a safety concern.

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June 30, 2021

Sure won’t be trying this one. Ridiculous amounts of some minerals. Thanks for review.

July 2, 2021

Thank you so much for this review of Perque Bone Forte. I have been asking CL for feedback on this supplement for 3 years and this is exactly the information I need to make an informed decision about the supplement. You just saved me a lot of money.

July 11, 2021

I have used strontium citrate following a study protocol from Canada similar to one from Duquesne University. I have been taking 340mgm Strontium citrate, Vit K2 mk7, and magnesium. I have reversed my osteoporosis to osteopenia based on Dexa scan on the same machine. This while taking prednisone for Polymyalgia rheumatica. I had my physicians read the protocols before proceeding. I couldn’t tolerate the bone meds.
“Combination of Micro nutrients for Bone (COMB) Study: Bone Density after Micronutrient Intervention” and
“Melatonin osteoporosis prevention study (MOPS): A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study examining the effects of melatonin on bone health and quality of life in peri-menopausal women”.
I didn’t tolerate the melatonin but took the strontium citrate.

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