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 Initial Posting: 11/8/14 Last Update: 5/2/20
Garlic Supplements Reviewed by

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CL Tests Reveal Problems With 40% of Garlic Supplements

Alphabetical list of garlic supplement brands compared in this review
Garlique Mason Natural Odor Free Garlic Swanson Best Garlic
Herbalife Mega Garlic Plus Metagenics SuperGarlic 6000 Up & Up [Target] Garlic
Kwai Heartcare Natural Factors Garlic Vitamin Shoppe Aged Garlic Extract
Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Nature's Way Garlic  
Garlique Herbalife Mega Garlic Plus Kwai Heartcare Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Mason Natural Odor Free Garlic Metagenics SuperGarlic 6000 Natural Factors Garlic Nature's Way Garlic Swanson Best Garlic Up & Up [Target] Garlic Vitamin Shoppe Aged Garlic Extract
Make sure the garlic supplement you take passed our test and is right for you!  Isn't your health worth it?

Garlic is one of the most used herbal supplements in the U.S. because it may help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, slow the development of atherosclerosis, and help with other conditions. But which are the best garlic supplements, delivering a dose known to be effective without contamination?

Tests by of 10 popular brands of garlic found that 40% failed to pass quality criteria. One yielded less than half the amount of a key phytochemical (allicin) associated with effective garlic. Two others failed to break apart properly in disintegration testing, and one product did not list its amount of garlic -- an FDA requirement. In addition, we discovered that a "super strength" garlic supplement was actually one of the lowest in strength — other products were as much as 10 times as strong.

Fortunately, our tests also uncovered several high-quality products offering exceptionally good value. One of these yielded more than 20,000 mcg of allicin -- a measure of garlic strength -- for just 10 cents a day

You must join to get the full test results, quality ratings, and comparisons for 10 products selected by for testing and for one product which passed our voluntary quality certification testing. In this comprehensive review, you'll discover:
    • Which products failed or passed our tests and why.
    • How products compared on price and value.  
    • What garlic can and can't do.
    • How to choose the right product and dose - for both aged and non-aged garlic.  
    • Cautions, drug interactions, and potential side effects of garlic. 

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