Initially Posted: 01/25/2019 | Last Updated: 04/18/2019
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Greens and whole food products compared in this review


Amazing Grass Green Superfood


Dr. Berg's Organic Cruciferous Superfood


Dr. Mercola Organic Greens


Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Food Green Superfood


GNC Earth Genius SuperFoods Supreme


Green Foods Nature's Finest Green Magma Organic & Raw Barley Grass Juice


Jarrow Formulas® Green Defense® Detox


Juice Plus+ Berry Blend


Naturo Science Green Food - Berry Flavored


Nutrex Green Complete Hawaiian Spirulina Superfood Powder


Trader Joe's Very Green


Vibrant Health Green Vibrance


Whole Foods Market Super Greens Energy Blend

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Which are the best "greens" and "whole food" supplements? These powders, drinks, and pills are made from an array of ingredients, such as wheat grass, alfalfa, kelp, spirulina, chlorella, leafy vegetables and other chlorophyll-containing ingredients, as well as fruits. To evaluate their quality, our testing focused on how free they were from impurities -- heavy metals, microbes, and dangerous pesticides, and that gluten-free products were really gluten-free.

The good news: We did not find microbial or pesticide contamination in the products. The bad news: One product was contaminated with a toxic heavy metal— a problem we've seen several times before with these types of products. We also found that a "gluten-free" product had a considerable amount of gluten, although just below the FDA limit, which may be of concern to people who are particularly sensitive to gluten. 

Across the powders and capsules, the cost to get an equivalent amount of greens/foods powder ranged from 37 cents to $3.02. Our Top Picks fell in the middle range.

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  • ConsumerLab's Top Picks for best greens and whole food powders based on quality, and cost, and, for powders, taste
  • Direct comparisons of greens and whole food supplements, including vitamin and mineral assessments
  • Price comparisons
  • Whether herbs and other ingredients are included at doses known to be effective
  • Concerns and cautions with greens and whole food products, including specific concerns with chlorella, spirulina, and Aph. flos-aquae.

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