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Raspberry Ketone for Weight Loss -- a raspberry and raspberry ketone capsules


Touted in the media as a powerful tool for fat reduction, there has been a swell of interest in supplements containing raspberry ketone.  Although laboratory studies in cells and animals suggest it promotes fat breakdown, there is no weight loss study in humans. There is also no safety study at the dose used in supplements, which may be more than 100 times the amount you would get from a pound of raspberries. For more information, see the Raspberry Ketone information in the Weight Loss Supplements Review, which includes's tests and information for other supplements for weight loss.

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September 16, 2019

Can raspberry ketones help you lose weight?
No clue, though I would trust CL's answer. That said, if you're a little overweight because of cravings, it's the body's way of attempting to get micronutrients. They aren't found in unwholesome, processed food. Try eating real food, and do it consistently for a while. As implausible as it seems, your own taste buds will change, but you'll need to give it time. I'm a believer in Michael Pollan's "Food Rules." He sums up every / nutrition book that's ever been in written in just seven words; "EAT FOOD, NOT TOO MUCH, MOSTLY PLANTS." There is no fat on that aphorism whatsoever, pun intended. Just make sure you're eating food, and not a "reasonable" facsimile. Weight loss will eventually come.

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