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Country Life Easy Iron
Feosol Bifera HIP & PIC Iron
Floradix Iron Tablets
Garden of Life mykind Organic Plant Iron & Organic Herbs
GNC Gentlesorb Iron
Jamieson Iron
Life Extension Iron Protein Plus
Member's Mark [Sam's Club] Iron
Nature Made Iron
Nature's Bounty Gentle Iron
NovaFerrum Pediatric Drops Liquid Iron
NOW Iron
Rexall [Dollar General] Iron
Solaray BioCitrate Iron
Solgar Gentle Iron
Spring Valley (Walmart) Iron
VegLife Vegan Iron Chewable
Vitamin Friends Iron
Well at Walgreens Slow Release Iron
Wellesse® Liquid Iron

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Iron supplements can help to prevent and correct iron deficiency common in young women but also seen in children and among people taking drugs that reduce stomach acid. Iron supplementation may also reduce unexplained fatigue in women of child-bearing age, inhibit dry cough associated with ACE inhibitors, and reduce symptoms of restless legs syndrome in people with low ferritin levels.  

But choosing an iron supplement can be difficult: There are many different forms and doses of iron available, a wide range of prices, and some may be better manufactured than others.

To help you choose the best iron supplement, independently purchased, tested, and reviewed iron supplements. Our tests revealed that most iron supplements contained what they claimed. However, one iron supplement failed tests.

Among products that were Approved in testing, then carefully selected those providing the best form and value as its Top Picks.

You must be a member to get the full test results along with's Top Picks and information on using iron. You'll get results for 22 supplements: 14 selected by and eight that passed the same testing in CL's voluntary Quality Certification Program.  

You'll get the following information about iron supplements in this comprehensive review:

    • Which iron supplements failed and which passed
    • Which iron supplements were Approved for their quality, offer the best value, and are CL's Top Picks
    • The pros and cons of different forms of iron (such as carbonyl iron, ferrous bisglycinate, ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate, and ferrous sulfate, as well as heme iron polypeptide, iron protein succinylate, polysaccharide iron complex, and plant-based iron) and which may be the best iron supplement for you
    • Iron dosage for specific applications, including anemia and unexplained fatigue
    • How to take iron to avoid stomach upset and increase absorption
    • Concerns, cautions, and potential drug interactions with iron supplements

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