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Melatonin Review 2024
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  • Does melatonin work?

    Melatonin supplements can help you fall asleep sooner, although not necessarily for longer, when taken before bedtime (30 to 60 minutes before for regular pills; 20 minutes before for fast-dissolve pills, chewables, and liquids and chewables). Studies suggest it may help with sleep issues during and after menopause, in children with autism spectrum disorder, and in people with Parkinson's disease. Melatonin may also reduce migraine and primary stabbing headache, alleviate symptoms of stomach ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and functional dyspepsia (stomach pain not caused by an ulcer), and reduce anxiety associated with medical procedures (see What It Does).
  • How much melatonin to take:

    Melatonin is a hormone; use it only as needed, not every night. Try the lowest dose that will work for you, starting with about 1 mg or less. If that doesn't work, try 3 mg. Some products contain greater amounts, such as 5 or 10 mg, which may be more than you need and can leave you groggy and have other negative effects. Timed release products may help you not just fall asleep but also stay asleep, but they won't help you stay asleep as well as a prescription sleep medication.

    While nuts, including pistachios, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, chestnuts and peanuts, contain melatonin, the amount is much lower than doses shown to be effective.

    Taking small to moderate doses of melatonin from supplements does not appear to reduce the body's own production of melatonin, although other factors (such as taking high-dose vitamin D) may decrease your body's natural levels of melatonin (see ConsumerTips™: What to Consider When Using).
  • What did CL's tests of melatonin supplements show?

    In laboratory testing, all the melatonin supplements were found to contain their listed amounts of melatonin within a reasonable margin. This was better than what ConsumerLab found in 2020, when one product contained nearly twice its listed amount of melatonin; and it is better than other researchers have found when sampling the market (see Quality Concerns). Our cost comparisons show you could spend as little as 1 cent to over 60 cents per milligram of melatonin (see What CL Found).
  • Best melatonin supplement?

    Among 20 CL Approved products, CL selected Top Picks for low, moderate, high, very high dose and time release melatonin, as well as a product for children and one for pets. These products represent superior quality and value.
  • Melatonin safety and side effects:

    Melatonin supplements, taken in doses up to 3 mg per day, short-term, appear to be generally safe for adults. Drowsiness may occur, often for about six hours after taking melatonin (although it may last longer if controlled-release, higher dose products are used). Impaired mental alertness and balance, headache, dizziness, and nausea may also occur. Higher doses of melatonin may affect blood pressure, aggressiveness, blood clotting, seizure activity, and, at very high doses, ovulation, depression, and schizophrenia. Rarely, heart palpitations or premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) have been reported. Melatonin can interact with certain foods and increase the effectiveness of certain medications (such as sedative or sleep medication) or decrease the effectiveness of others (such as blood pressure medications). Certain drugs (and even caffeine) may increase the amount of melatonin you absorb from supplements. Long-term use is associated with an increased risk of bone fracture and slower healing after a fracture occurs. It is best to use melatonin "as needed" rather than on a regular basis (see Concerns and Cautions).

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Melatonin supplement brands compared in this review

View Larger Image GNC_Melatonin_3_mg-Melatonin-2024-small.png

GNC Melatonin 3 mg

View Larger Image Herbatonin_03_mg_Plant_Melatonin-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Herbatonin 0.3 mg Plant Melatonin

View Larger Image K9_Choice_Melatonin_3_mg-Peanut_Butter_Flavored-Melatonin-2024-small.png

K9 Choice Melatonin 3 mg - Peanut Butter Flavored

View Larger Image Life_Extension_Melatonin_IR_XR-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Life Extension Melatonin IR/XR

View Larger Image MidNite_Sleep_Health-Melatonin-2024-small.png

MidNite Sleep Health

View Larger Image Natrol_Kids_Melatonin-Berry-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Natrol Kids Melatonin - Berry

View Larger Image Natrol_Melatonin_5_mg-Strawberry_Natural_Flavor-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Natrol Melatonin 5 mg - Strawberry Natural Flavor

View Larger Image Nature_Made_Melatonin_25_mg-Dreamy_Strawberry-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Nature Made Melatonin Gummies 2.5 mg - Dreamy Strawberry

View Larger Image Natures_Bounty_Melatonin_10_mg-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Nature's Bounty Melatonin 10 mg

View Larger Image Natures_Way_Melatonin_Lozenge-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Nature's Way Melatonin Lozenge

View Larger Image NOW_Liquid_Melatonin-Melatonin-2024-small.png

NOW Liquid Melatonin

View Larger Image OLLY_Sleep-Blackberry_Zen-Melatonin-2024-small.png

OLLY Sleep - Blackberry Zen

View Larger Image Pure_Encapsulations_Melatonin-SR-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Pure Encapsulations Melatonin-SR

View Larger Image REMfresh-Melatonin-2024-small.png


View Larger Image Solgar_Melatonin_3_mg-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Solgar Melatonin 3 mg

View Larger Image Source_Naturals_Melatonin-Orange_Flavor-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Source Naturals Melatonin - Orange Flavor

View Larger Image Swanson_Low_Dose_Melatonin-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Swanson Low Dose Melatonin

View Larger Image Trader_Joes_Chewable_Melatonin_3_mg-Peppermint_Flavor-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Trader Joe's Chewable Melatonin 3 mg - Peppermint Flavor

View Larger Image Vicks_ZzzQuil_Pure_Zzzs_Back_To_Sleep-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Vicks ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs Back To Sleep

View Larger Image Webber_Naturals_Melatonin_3_mg-Melatonin-2024-small.png

Webber Naturals Melatonin 3 mg

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  • Melatonin dosage for different sleep issues and conditions
  • Concerns, drug interactions, and potential side-effects of melatonin

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