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Product Review: Calcium Supplements (Including Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and Magnesium)

Initial Posting: 2/9/13  Updated 11/2/13 
Calcium Supplements Reviewed by
Some Calcium Supplements Fail to Break Apart Properly!

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Calcium is critical for building and maintaining strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. Calcium is also needed for the proper functioning of nerves, muscles, glands, and the cardiovascular system. Some people don't get enough calcium and can benefit from calcium supplements. At the same time, certain people may be increasing their risk of heart attack and kidney stones by taking too much calcium from supplements. And some people may be using products that are not properly made.
Out of 15 calcium supplements recently purchased by, 4 failed quality testing: Two popular products failed to properly break apart in disintegration testing -- meaning that you may not be getting the full benefits; another product was contaminated with lead above the level permitted without a warning label in California; and a widely-sold, candy-like combination supplement contained much more vitamin D than listed on the label -- 82% more!
You must join to get the test results and quality ratings for calcium supplements, including combination products with vitamin D, vitamin K, and magnesium. You will get results for 33 calcium supplements: 15 selected for testing by and 18 others that passed CL's Voluntary Certification Program testing. We also identify two products that are the same as one that passed testing but are sold under different brand names. In this comprehensive report, you'll discover:
    • Which calcium supplements failed our quality ratings and which passed -- including combinations with vitamin D, vitamin K, and magnesium 
    • Cost comparisons to help you choose a calcium supplement offering the best value
    • The pros and cons of different forms of calcium such as carbonate, citrate, oyster shell, and coral calcium and which may be better for you
    • The latest recommendations on calcium dosage by age and gender and for specific uses, as well as how much calcium may be too much and how best to take calcium supplements 
    • Potential drug interactions and side effects of calcium supplements 

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