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Increasing protein intake is not associated with a decrease in kidney function in older adults who don't have kidney disease. However, it can be an issue in people with kidney disease, and some experts recommend limiting protein intake in individuals who have normal kidney function but are at high risk for developing kidney disease. For more details about this, see the Cautions and Concerns section of the Protein Supplements Review.

The Review explains that many older adults do not get enough protein and provides guidelines for protein intake based on your weight and activity level. It also discusses the best time to take protein supplements, our tests of protein products, and identifies our Top Picks for best protein powders, shakes and drinks.

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August 25, 2019

I am 80+ and, until these last few years, I had been limiting my protein intake because of fear of "kidney harm". I was limiting protein intake to the extent that my body was being deprived of adequate protein. My muscles were getting smaller and my skin was taking a beating.
Then I started, about a year ago, to take whey protein (I take Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein) at 2 scoops a day (Equals an extra 48 grams of complete protein) to supplement my diet.
I think taking too little protein is worse than too much. My muscles are growing or are not deteriorating with this protein supplement.
At the very minimum, a body has to have .36 grams per pound of body weight to stay alive.
I take in about .8 g/lb a day and my kidneys are healthy.
August 26, 2019

Thank you for sharing this Max. You can find information about protein supplementation and age-related muscle loss (known as sarcopenia) in the "Building and Maintaining Muscle Mass" section of the Protein Powders, Shakes and Drinks Review:

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