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Some small studies have suggested that curcumin may reduce markers of inflammation in dogs and cats, but studies have not shown a direct benefit on the symptoms of osteoarthritis in pets. Curcumin appears to be safe for dogs and cats, but be aware that, as with people, there are safety concerns with certain medications and medical conditions — as well as with an absorption enhancer found in some formulations. For more details, including typical doses, see the "What It Does Section" of the Turmeric/Curcumin Supplements Review >>

Although has not tested curcumin supplements for pets, we have tested other Joint Health Supplements for Pets (with glucosamine and chondroitin).

Tests of other pet supplements for other uses can be found within larger reviews focusing on supplements for people, including Multivitamins, Fish Oil and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements, and Seed Oils (Flaxseed, Evening Primrose, and Borage), SAMe, and Probiotics.

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March 5, 2017

We have used Swanson's Curcumin Complex on our cats. One had an inflamed front leg, x-rays showed no break, nothing the vets could do basically. The curcumin got completely rid of the swelling in about 5 days - he had been dealing with it for weeks. Since then (years now), every once in awhile the leg will swell a bit, and we give him curcumin and it goes away. Seems to help for general pain (what appears to us to be painful by the way he moves) as well. It will irritate the stomach if given too much, too long or too often. He is 18 years old now.

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