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In general, probiotics will only survive in your system for a limited amount of time. For more details, including how long you should take probiotics for specific uses, dosage, and other tips for taking, see the Probiotics Supplements Review >>

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August 1, 2020

I read a short blurb somewhere that our systems treat cold pro-biotic food differently than warm and that warm is better. I make my own milk kefir and use it as a base for my morning smoothie with added frozed fruit, so it's typically cold. Does anyone have thoughts or feedback about this?
August 18, 2020

It probably does not make a difference. By the time your smoothie makes it past your stomach and to your intestine, the slurry will be warm.

October 3, 2018

Can Bacillus Coagulans be taken at the same time with different strains of probiotics?
October 3, 2018

We have no reason to believe that it can't. There are many products that have it in combination with other probiotic organisms.

January 1, 2015

Probiotics seemed a good idea for me but now I find that Saccharomyces is Brewer's yeast and also there is barley grass in the one I have. Since I have coeliac disease these are very bad for me. Is there an effective probiotic that has no gluten source in it?
January 2, 2015

Hi Margarita - Yes, there are a number of probiotic supplements that have passed our tests, and are labeled as gluten and yeast free - this is noted in the last column to the right, under "Other Notable Ingredients/Features" of the results table: You can also also check the complete ingredients list for each product by clicking on "Ingredients" in the first column, under each product name and manufacturer.

December 31, 2014

What I have learnt so far is if you're a person with occasional bloating or gastric problems, probiotic is one way to reduce those symptoms.

For normal person, it's desirable to take probiotics after completion of anti-biotics medications.

There are dozens of Probiotic brands. I've tried several ones. To my experience, those with stomach acid resistant delivery systems are the most efficient ones.

December 31, 2014

Doesn't it depend on the specific species of bacteria resident in your probiotic source? If they are normally resident in the human gut, then it seems that they would stay. If not, then they wouldn't.

December 10, 2014

I wonder if this is true for prebiotics as well, for example after taking the recently mentioned (in the probiotics review) Bimuno and increasing Bifidobacterium levels, will they fall off if Bimuno is no longer consumed?
December 10, 2014

Hi Ed - As prebiotics are food for bacteria in the gut, it would seem likely that their effects are for a limited time.

August 31, 2014

I always thought that the role of probiotics was to seed the gut with friendly bacteria then to eat the correct food .The bacteria would flourish and there would be no need to continue taking probiotics. if this is correct then ones diet is of extreme importance to nurture a friendly micro biome if it isn't then is there another factor which is prohibiting them colonising the gut?

December 31, 2014

Mary, the colon is pretty well fully colonized as a normal state. There can occure "openings" as cells slough off but generally these will be colonized by adjacent bacteria. Probiotics help give your resident bacteria a boost by competing with pathogenic bacteria. Mostly they are transient. Think of them as allies of your resident bacteria, trying to establish a more healthful balance.

As stated, prebiotics are food for both probiotics and your resident good bacteria. Whether you need to take them depends on your diet. If you are eating enough various fiber you probably don't but if you eat a fairly standard low fiber diet they can be helpful.

Just for refences, general recommendations are around 25g of fiber per day. My diet is closer to 60g, including vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts etc. I don't worry about consuming additional prebiotics.

January 4, 2015

I take swansonvitamin with 65 billion probiotics. I find it very beneficial for my stomach health. I consider probiotics as soldiers to my body defending my body from enemy bugs invading my body. Therefore the more I employ these soldiers, the better and healthy my body will be.

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