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Supplements that can lower, or raise blood pressure -- blood pressure cuff and bottle of pills


There are many supplements, including fish oil, flaxseed, olive leaf extract, curcumin, cinnamon, hawthorn, garlic, berberine, ashwagandha, certain probiotics, nattokinase, L-arginine, taurine, vitamin B-2, vitamin C, hibiscus, and others, that may lower blood pressure in certain situations. If you already take medication to lower blood pressure, always consult your physician before using these supplements, as they may lower your blood pressure too much, or interfere in some other way with your current medication. Be aware that a number of supplements can increase blood pressure. Sign in as a member for details about supplements that may affect blood pressure — you'll also learn what you look for when selecting a blood pressure monitoring device, including the importance of cuff size.

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