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Yes. They are both relatively high in nickel and can cause allergic contact dermatitis in people who are nickel-sensitive or have a nickel allergy. (If you are allergic to milk, also be aware that even some dark chocolates contain milk). In fact, in response to this question, checked the nickel content of several cocoa and dark chocolate products and found much higher levels of nickel than known to exist in milk chocolate and other foods. Just one serving of dark chocolate, for example, contained about as much nickel as an adult gets per day from all other foods and beverages combined. More about this and other concerns are found in the Concerns and Cautions section of the Cocoa Powders, Dark Chocolate, Extracts, Nibs & Supplements Review >>

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April 12, 2017

My eczema is aggravated by plant proteins (terribly soy sensitive) and diagnosed 18 years ago by allergist. I am careful with all nuts and rarely have an outbreak from pistachios, especially. I'm not nickel sensitive at all. Have worn inexpensive metal pierced earrings for 30 years and never had a reaction. No financial interest in any products of any type.

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