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1.High Cholesterol supplements in Red Yeast Rice Supplements Review *
2.High Cholesterol supplements in Pomegranate Juice and Supplements Review Article *
3.High Cholesterol supplements in Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements Review (Sterols and Policosanol)  *
4.High Cholesterol supplements in Fish Oil and Omega-3 and -7 Supplements Review (Including Krill, Algae, Calamari, and Sea Buckthorn) *
5.High Cholesterol supplements in Probiotics Review (Including Kombucha and Pet Supplements)
6.High Cholesterol supplements in CoQ10 and Ubiquinol Supplements Review *
7.High Cholesterol supplements in Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplements Review *
8.High Cholesterol supplements in B Vitamin Supplements Review (B Complexes, B6, B12, Biotin, Folate, Niacin, Riboflavin & More)  *
9.High Cholesterol supplements in Vitamin D Supplements Review (Including Calcium, Vitamin K, Magnesium) *
10.High Cholesterol supplements in Calcium Supplements Review *
11.High Cholesterol supplements in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review *
12.High Cholesterol supplements in Oat Cereals Review *
13.High Cholesterol supplements in Resveratrol Supplements Review (Grape, Red Wine, and Polygonum Sources)  *
14.High Cholesterol supplements in Turmeric and Curcumin Supplements and Spices Review *
15.High Cholesterol supplements in Weight Loss Supplements Review (7-Keto DHEA and Stimulant Blend Supplements) *
16.High Cholesterol supplements in Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Nibs, Extracts & Supplements Review -- Sources of Flavanols *

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1.High Cholesterol
2.High Triglycerides
3.Metabolic Syndrome
4.Red Yeast Rice
6.Pantothenic Acid and Pantethine
9.Low-Carbohydrate Diet
10.Vitamin B3 Answers to Questions Found:
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1.Are red yeast rice supplements legally permitted to contain statins, like lovastatin, since these are drugs?
2.Is echium oil a good alternative to fish oil? I am allergic to fish.
3.Which foods are a good source of B vitamins? 
4.Which is better for lowering triglyceride levels -- fish oil or plant-based oils like flaxseed or echium oil?  
5.Which supplements can help lower cholesterol and keep my heart healthy? Are there any to avoid?  
6.What are the health benefits of olive oil? 
7.What are the nutritional benefits of avocado oil? Is it healthier than olive oil?  
8.Which supplements reduce the risk of stroke? Which increase the risk of stroke? 

Clinical Updates Found:
2015 05/27/2015Adding Vitamin D to Statin Treatment
2014 08/31/2014Taking Fish Oil with Sterols
2013 11/03/2013Caution with Calcium for Women with High Cholesterol

Recalls and Warnings Found:
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1.Seller of Apple Cider Vinegar, Joint Supplements & More Warned for Drug Claims (05/15/2018)
2.Warning to D-Limonene, Vitamin C Seller (02/10/2018)
3."Man of Steel" Sexual Enhancement Supplements Recalled (08/01/2017)
4.Seller of "Super Strength Prostate Formula," Acai Berry Supplements & More Warned for Drug Claims (07/18/2017)
5.FDA Warns Dr. Carolyn Dean of Drug Claims Made for Magnesium, Calcium & Other Mineral Supplements (07/11/2017)
6.Seller of Cholesterol, Arthritis Supplements and More Warned for Drug Claims (11/06/2014)
7.Seller of Prostate, Heart Supplements and More Warned for Drug Claims (11/06/2014)
8.Judge Orders BioAnue To Stop Illegal Cancer and Disease Claims (08/02/2014)
9.Red Yeast Rice Product Recalled (06/25/2014)
10.Seller of B Vitamins, CoQ10, Amino Acids and Other Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (04/29/2014)
11.Seller of Tea Supplements and Drinks Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (01/16/2014)
12.Seller of Red Rice Yeast With CoQ10, Respiratory Supplement And More Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (06/07/2013)
13.Court Injunction Halts Sale of Cholesterol, CoQ10, Progesterone, Prostate Supplements and More (11/26/2012)
14.Maker of Blood Pressure, Probiotic, Resveratrol and Hormonal Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (11/21/2012)
15.FDA Warns of Medical Claims Made For Numerous Chinese Herbal Products (08/30/2012)
16.FDA Warns of Drug Ingredients in Three Sexual Enhancement Supplements (05/17/2012)
17.FDA Finds Prescription Drug Analog in 3 Enhancement Supplements (04/21/2012)
18."France T253" Enhancement Supplement Contains Hidden Drug (04/03/2012)
19.Rx Drugs Found in Weight Loss and Enhancement Supplements (03/08/2012)
20.Recall of Enhancement Supplement for Men -- Contains Drug (03/02/2012)
21.Recall of Enhancement Supplement for Women -- Contains Drug (02/16/2012)
22.Drug-Laced Supplements and Drink Mixes Recalled (02/07/2012)
23.Recall of Enhancement Supplement for Men - Contains Drug Compounds (07/19/2011)
24.FDA Seizes Probiotics Over Marketing Claims (06/21/2011)
25.Recall of Counterfeit Extenze Tablets Containing Drugs (02/24/2011)
26.Recall of Two Supplements Spiked with Erectile Dysfunction Drug (01/01/2011)
27.Supplement for "Increasing Desire" Recalled for Containing Drug (09/13/2010)
28.Mr. Magic Male Enhancer Recalled (09/12/2010)
29.Recall of Male Enhancement Supplement Sold in National Stores (08/13/2010)
30.Recall of ED Supplement Containing Drug (07/20/2010)
31.Capsule for Men Spiked with Erectile Drug (04/08/2010)
32.Nationwide Recall of Masxtreme Capsules Containing Drugs with Cardiovascular Side Effects (04/07/2010)
33.Nationwide Recall of Sexual Enhancement Supplements Containing Drug-like Compound (12/14/2009)
34.Six Male Enhancement Supplements Found Adulterated (07/23/2009)
35.Sexual Enhancement Supplement Recalled -- Second Time Found with Drug-like Compound (06/15/2009)
36.Recall of Viapro Capsules Due to Potentially Harmful Ingredient (07/30/2008)
37.Recall of Sexual Enhancement Supplements Containing Drug (07/29/2008)
38.Seizure of Xiadafil VIP Tablets After Company Refuses Recall (07/28/2008)
39.Recall of Virility Supplement (05/29/2008)
40.FDA Requests Recall of Xiadafil VIP Supplements (05/28/2008)
41.FDA Warns of Sexual Supplements with Drug-like Ingredients (03/25/2008)
42.Two Supplements Recalled for Containing Viagra-like Compounds (03/04/2008)
43.FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Several "Shangai" Sexual Enhancement Supplements (12/30/2007)
44.Encore Tabs Recalled -- Contain Prescription Drug (11/26/2007)
45.Recall of Men's "Sexual Energy" Supplement Expanded to Include "Energy Max" Product (11/25/2007)
46.FDA Warning on Red Yeast Rice Products (08/09/2007)
47.FDA Warns of Two Supplements Containing Pharmaceutical-like Compounds (05/10/2007)
48.Recall of Another Sex Enhancement Supplement (04/19/2007)
49.Recall of Adulterated Sexual Enhancement Supplement (03/20/2007)
50.FDA Warns About Sexual Enhancement Supplements with Dangerous Ingredients (07/13/2006)
51.FDA Warns of Sexual Enhancement Supplements Containing Prescription Drug (11/03/2004)
52.Government Stops Sale of Supplements Claiming to Treat Obesity and Impotence (10/10/2003)
53.FDA Warns Consumers Against Taking 6 Sexual Enhancement Supplements (06/23/2003)
54.FTC Alleges "Heartbar" Made Deceptive Claims About Effectiveness (06/15/2003)

News Releases Found:
2018 05/02/2018Best Probiotic Supplements and Kombuchas? -- ConsumerLab Tests 41 Popular Products, Reveals Problems and Top Picks
2006 10/20/ report on CoQ10 supplements finds quality high but large range in suggested dosage


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