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SAMe (S-adenosyl-methionine) Supplements Review

Learn how to find the best SAMe (SAM-e, S-adenosyl-methionine, or S-adenosyl-L-methionine) supplements, evidence for use for depression, osteoarthritis, and more. Plus, information about dosage, how to take, safety, side effects, and potential drug interactions. Understand what you are taking before you buy.

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1.EBSCO NAT Editorial Process
2.Herbal Medicine
5.S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe)
7.General Health and Well-being
8.Alcoholic Hepatitis
10.Nicotine Addiction
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1.Is it best to take SAMe with or without food? Do I need to take B vitamins when taking SAMe?
2.I've read about several different forms of SAMe. Is one form better than another?
3.Can taking too much vitamin B-6 be dangerous? The label on my multivitamin states it contains 2000% of the Daily Value!  (in Comments)
4.Does Oral-B Glide or other dental floss contain toxic chemicals called PFAS? Are there PFAS-free alternatives?  (in Comments)
5.Is it true that taking glucosamine might make my glaucoma worse?  (in Comments)
6.What is PQQ? Does it help with aging and memory? Is it similar to CoQ10?  (in Comments)
7.Which vitamins and minerals should be taken together or separately?  (in Comments)
8.I started taking a magnesium supplement (400 mg from magnesium oxide) and developed diarrhea. Might there a problem with the supplement?  (in Comments)
9.My dog is getting older and his veterinarian recently recommended giving him a glucosamine supplement for his joints. Has tested these, or other supplements for pets?  (in Comments)
10.What are the side effects of ashwagandha supplements?  (in Comments)
11.What supplements should I stop taking before surgery?  (in Comments)
12.Are enteric coated supplements better than non-enteric coated ones?
13.Lovaza, a prescription omega-3 fish oil, is very expensive. Can I get the same omega-3 oils from a supplement that costs less?
14.Can taking too much vitamin B-12 be dangerous? The label on my B-complex states it contains 50,000% of the Daily Value!  (in Comments)
15.Has the probiotic VSL#3 been changed or discontinued? Is Visbiome a good alternative?
16.Is Spirulina safe? I heard that it can contain toxins, such as BMAA and microcystin toxin.  (in Comments)
17.Once I've taken probiotics for a few months, will the positive bacteria remain in my system, or do I have to keep taking them?  (in Comments)
18.Do vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements lose effectiveness with exposure to high temperatures and is it safe to order supplements by mail in the summer?
19.Can I take CoQ10 at the same time as my statin, or should I take them separately?
20.I take fluoxetine (Prozac), a SSRI drug to treat depression. Are there supplements I should avoid, or be taking, due to this drug?
21.Can beetroot juice or supplements help lower my blood pressure?  (in Comments)
22.Do arnica pills really work to prevent bruising?  (in Comments)
23.My doctor warned me that red yeast rice can cause liver damage - is that true?
24.Which supplements help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer?  (in Comments)
25.I take a supplement containing a "proprietary formula" which lists many ingredients. Can ConsumerLab test the contents so I'll know the amounts of each ingredient?
26.A blood test showed my vitamin D level is low. How do I know how much vitamin D to take?  (in Comments)
27.Are plant-based calcium supplements, like AlgaeCal, better than regular calcium supplements?  (in Comments)
28.Can coconut water help with muscle cramps or restless legs syndrome?  (in Comments)
29.Do any supplements help for flu?  (in Comments)
30.Do any supplements help relieve stress?  (in Comments)
31.Do any supplements help with migraines?  (in Comments)
32.Do magnesium creams, sprays and oils help with muscle pain and cramps? How about supplements?  (in Comments)
33.Do you have any advice on how to find trusted pharmacies to refill my cholesterol medicine in Canada?  (in Comments)
34.How can I make a mask that is as good as a surgical mask or an N-95 mask?  (in Comments)
35.How concerned should I be about glyphosate in foods and supplements?  (in Comments)
36.How much calcium from supplements is too much?  (in Comments)
37.I take ubiquinol to replenish CoQ10 depleted by my statin. I also take curcumin (from turmeric). Since they both manage free radicals, do I need to take the curcumin?  (in Comments)
38.I was surprised when my doctor told me to stop taking supplements because my kidney function was low. But after stopping the supplements, my kidney function returned to normal. Can taking a lot of supplements really damage the kidneys?  (in Comments)
39.I'm considering taking vitamin K for my bones, but I take blood thinner (anti-coagulant) medication. Is there a problem taking both?  (in Comments)
40.I've heard that soaking dried beans for 24 hours reduces the phytate level, allowing for greater access to nutrients. Is this true?  (in Comments)
41.Is it safer to get calcium from foods than from supplements? How about from calcium-fortified orange juice and non-dairy milks?  (in Comments)
42.Is it true that oat cereals, like Cheerios, oatmeal, oatflakes and steel-cut oats can be contaminated with a toxin?  (in Comments)
43.Some websites claim that synthetic vitamin C in supplements may be a combination the active "L" form and the inactive "D" form of ascorbic acid. Is that true? Should I be concerned?  (in Comments)
44.What are the benefits of grape seed extract?  (in Comments)
45.What are the side effects of curcumin and turmeric?  (in Comments)
46.What are the side effects of melatonin supplements?  (in Comments)
47.What is berberine? Can it really lower blood sugar? Are there any cautions? Which supplements are best?  (in Comments)
48.What is the best way to take melatonin to get a good night's sleep?  (in Comments)
49.Which is the best form of magnesium to take - one that contains the most magnesium and is best absorbed?  (in Comments)
50.What are the best supplements for depression and anxiety?
51.Which supplements should be taken with food?
52.Can vitamin K2 really help decrease calcium in the arteries?  (in Comments)
53.Is it okay to crush a tablet and consume the powder or add the powder to food, rather than swallowing the tablet whole?
54.Are there any serious side effects with Lovaza or Epanova (prescription fish oil)? If so, would these also apply to generic versions of these drugs and to fish oil supplements?
55.Are there any supplements I should avoid when taking aspirin or ibuprofen?  (in Comments)
56.Do brain games and apps really work and improve memory?  (in Comments)
57.Does turmeric/curcumin help for osteoarthritis in dogs and cats? Is it safe?
58.How does the new prescription fish oil Epanova compare to Lovaza --and fish oil supplements?
59.I am having trouble sleeping. I regularly take a multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium, calcium, vitamins D and K, and a protein supplement. I also take a low-dose blood pressure medication. Could any of these supplements be causing my insomnia?  (in Comments)
60.Immunocal is much more expensive than other whey protein isolates - is it worth the extra cost?
61.Is it true that low-carb or Mediterranean diets help for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)?  (in Comments)
62.Is it true that there are bits of plastic in drinking water and specialty salts? How concerned should I be?
63.Is Rhodiola rosea effective for depression and does it have other uses? Will be testing these supplements?
64.Is there a danger in taking lecithin or phosphatidylcholine? I heard that they may increase the risk of heart attacks.
65.My HDL (good) cholesterol level is low. Should I take niacin to raise my HDLs?  (in Comments)
66.What are the health benefits of grapefruit seed extract (GSE)? Is it safe?
67.What is monolaurin? Can it really prevent colds, cold sores, or other infections?  (in Comments)
68.What is the difference between forms of vitamin K2?
69.When taking a statin drug like Lipitor or Crestor, are there supplements I should avoid or take?  (in Comments)
70.Which are the best non-prescription hearing aids? Are any of these low-cost devices as good as more expensive, prescription hearing aids?  (in Comments)
71.Which supplements can help lower cholesterol and keep my heart healthy? Are there any to avoid?  (in Comments)
72.Can I trust lab reports and Certificates of Analysis provided by supplement manufacturers?
73.Does Gynostemma pentaphyllum really work as an AMPK activator and help for diabetes?
74.How does turmeric spice compare to curcumin (turmeric extract) in supplements? I sprinkle it on my foods and wonder if that's equivalent to taking a supplement.
75.What is the best source of vitamin D3 -- from lanolin in sheep's wool or from fish oil?
76.A tea called Throat Coat made me lethargic and I was found to have low potassium. Is this a known problem? I was drinking 5 cups a day.  (in Comments)
77.Being over 50 years old, I'm looking to take a vitamin B-12 supplement. I see that many contain a form of vitamin B-12 called cyanocobalamin, yet I read on the Internet that this form is toxic. Should I be concerned?  (in Comments)
78.Can a probiotic help men with prostatitis?  (in Comments)
79.Can lysine, vitamin B-12, or other vitamins or minerals help prevent or reduce canker sores?  (in Comments)
80.Do I need to divide my daily 300 mg dose of CoQ10 into smaller doses, or can I take it all at once?  (in Comments)
81.Does Longevinex resveratrol really help for age-related macular degeneration?
82.How can I get tested for the coronavirus? Can I get a home-test for COVID-19? Which are the best tests? Are any tests free?  (in Comments)
83.How do I choose the best probiotic supplement? There are so many different strains of bacteria!  (in Comments)
84.How does white tea compare to green tea and black tea in terms of antioxidant catechins? How about caffeine levels and lead contamination?
85.I read an article stating that some of the ingredients in Centrum multivitamins may be dangerous or toxic. Is that true?  (in Comments)
86.I use a brand of curcumin and the most recent bottle contained capsules a few shades lighter than what I am accustomed to taking. Is this color change an issue to be concerned about?
87.I'm a vegan but my doctor wants me to take fish oil with EPA and DHA. Is there something I can take that would be as good as fish oil capsules but would satisfy the needs of a vegan?
88.Is it better to eat farmed salmon or wild salmon? Which one has more omega-3s and less contamination with PCBs, mercury, etc.?  (in Comments)
89.Is it better to take fish oil, flaxseed oil -- or both?  (in Comments)
90.Is it true that taking a statin drug negates the benefits of taking fish oil supplements?  (in Comments)
91.Is it true that taking turmeric/curcumin with food can reduce iron absorption from food?
92.What are natural remedies for coronavirus (COVID-19)? Do supplements like zinc, vitamin C, or herbals work?  (in Comments)
93.What are the health benefits of avocado oil? Is it healthier than olive oil? Which avocado oils are best?  (in Comments)
94.What is Lutigold Lutein? And why is the capsule of one brand of lutein so much larger than that of another brand, if the amount of lutein on the label is the same?
95.What is the difference between fish oil and krill oil? Is one better than the other?
96.What is Protandim and does it really work?
97.Which supplements help for osteoarthritis of the hip?
98.As vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, why is it necessary to take it every day?
99.Do any supplements help for tinnitus? Is it true that some supplements can cause tinnitus?  (in Comments)
100.Do Vital 3 collagen drops really help for joint pain?
101.Do vitamin patches, such as for B12 or multivitamins, really work? How about those from PatchMD?
102.Does coconut water help re-hydrate as well as sports drinks?  (in Comments)
103.Does heat kill coronavirus (COVID-19)? Can it disinfect face masks and packages?
104.Does Prevagen really improve memory?  (in Comments)
105.How do the Beyond Burger, the Impossible Burger, and a beef burger compare in terms of vitamins and minerals, and which is best?
106.I take a number of supplements and I think they are making my acid reflux worse. Which supplements could be causing my stomach irritation, and what can I do about it?
107.I'm a middle-aged healthy woman who gets occasional urinary tract infections. I heard that cranberry juice or cranberry supplements can help prevent the condition. Is this true?  (in Comments)
108.I've heard that grapefruit juice can interact with medications because it inhibits an enzyme that breaks down drugs in the body. Do any supplements interact the same way with drugs?
109.Is CBD oil (cannabidiol) effective and safe? Is it legal?
110.Is it worth paying more for "pharmaceutical grade" CoQ10? What about "natural" or "live source" CoQ10?
111.Is kratom too dangerous to use?  (in Comments)
112.What is lunasin and does it really reduce cholesterol?
113.When taking a water-soluble version of CoQ10, do I still need to take it with food?
114.Which dark chocolate bar has the most flavanols with the least calories?
115.Are lozenges and sublingual pills considered dietary supplements?
116.Are there vitamins or supplements that can reduce my risk of breast cancer? Do any increase cancer risk?
117.How much fat is there in chocolate? Is it saturated fat?
118.I take St. John's wort for depression. Your report notes that it can interact with other medications. Would taking it several hours apart from other meds avoid this interaction?  (in Comments)
119.I'm interested in using Himalayan salt. What are the health benefits with it and other specialty salts? Are there contaminants in these salts?
120.I'm trying to pick a good multivitamin for my children and husband, and for myself. Any suggestions based on your research?  (in Comments)
121.Is ingesting colloidal silver helpful for any condition and is it safe to use? I'm seeing it promoted for many applications.  (in Comments)
122.Is it better to get vitamins from foods or supplements, and are natural vitamins better than synthetic vitamins?
123.Rhodiola and ashwagandha are both promoted to help with stress and anxiety. Is it safe to take them at the same time?
124.The suggested daily serving for my fish oil supplement, three 1,000 mg softgels, seems like a lot. Do I really need to take this much?
125.What are the health benefits of olive oil?
126.What is BioSil? Can it really increase collagen production and strengthen hair, skin, nails and bones?
127.What is lactoferrin and will it really strengthen my immune system?
128.Which supplements can help lower or control my blood sugar?
129.Which supplements can help with arthritis?
130.Which supplements reduce the risk of stroke? Which increase the risk of stroke?
131.Do probiotics help with lactose intolerance?
132.For two years, I used a red yeast rice brand which's report showed to contain the highest amount of lovastatin. With just one pill per day, it kept my cholesterol lower (down to 205 from 260 before starting). I switched to a supermarket store brand because it was cheaper and my cholesterol jumped to 278 (taking 2 pills per day)! I don't think the store brand had anything in it -- is that possible? Can you test it?
133.How much caffeine is really in dark chocolate bars?
134.How much dark chocolate equals a tablespoon of cocoa powder?
135.I am curious why some probiotics do not require refrigeration even though they contain some of the same bacteria in probiotics that require refrigeration? Which probiotics need to be refrigerated?
136.If I already take red yeast rice, would adding high-dose niacin help further reduce my cholesterol levels, and would this be safe?
137.Is sublingual vitamin B-12 really better than the pill form?
138.Must I take amino acid supplements on an empty stomach? Can I take them with other amino acids or with food to help with swallowing capsules?
139.Should I wear a face shield to protect from coronavirus (COVID-19)?  (in Comments)
140.What is the difference between CoQ10 and ubiquinol?
141.Can heat and humidity destroy whey protein and other sports nutrition supplements (e.g., creatine, BCAAs, digestive enzymes) during shipping or while storing at home?
142.Can psyllium help control hunger and appetite?
143.Does D-aspartic acid boost testosterone levels?
144.Does taking curcumin and boswellia together increase their individual anti-inflammatory effects?
145.Have you heard of the probiotic, Keybiotics? Does it do what it claims, and is it worth the money they charge?
146.How are you staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic?
147.How do fish oil supplements compare to EPA prescription fish oil like Vascepa?
148.How does regular black pepper compare with black pepper extract used in supplements? Will sprinkling it on food with turmeric help increase the bioavailability of curcumin compounds from turmeric?
149.I find labels of some supplement bottles misleading. For example, an L-theanine label says 200 mg on the front but the back says each pill contains just 100 mg, noting that a serving is 2 capsules. Is this legal?
150.I noticed that some ingredients in my multivitamin have no daily value established. A few concern me, specifically Boron (150 mcg per tablet), Nickel (5 mcg per tablet), and Tin (10 mcg per tablet). Should I be concerned about these ingredients?
151.I would like to try gotu kola for varicose veins but I've heard it's not safe to take. Is that true?
152.I've tried a number of fish oil supplements, all of which make me nauseous. What is the best non-fish alternative? I am primarily interested in getting EPA.
153.Is it safe to take arginine, or other supplements for sexual enhancement, while taking Viagra or Cialis?
154.What are the side effects of magnesium supplements?  (in Comments)
155.What do alkaline booster drops do? Do they provide the same benefits as Kre-Alkalyn?
156.What is the benefit of magnesium orotate compared to other forms of magnesium?
157.Why is there so much cadmium, a toxin, in cocoa powders but not in dark chocolate?
158.Are there negative interactions between the following supplements I take twice each day, as well as 60 mg of beta-sitosterol with dinner: Vitamin C (500 mg), CoQ10 (100 mg), grape seed extract (100 mg), fish oil (500 mg), vitamin D3/calcium/magnesium/zinc (200 IU/333 mg/113 mg/5mg)?
159.Does arnica gel, cream, or spray reduce bruising, pain, or swelling?
160.Does Carditone work to lower blood pressure?
161.How do I choose the best magnesium supplement?
162.Some websites are highly critical of magnesium stearate, which is in many supplements. Is this substance toxic and should I avoid it?
163.Why aren't there children's multivitamins specifically for girls vs. boys?
164.Are cranberry supplements helpful for men? Can they help with symptoms of an enlarged prostate, prostatitis, or urinary tract infections?
165.Are supplements which claim increased absorption or improved bioavailability telling the truth? Is it worth paying more for these? Are there concerns?
166.Are there any supplements I should avoid when taking acetaminophen (Tylenol)?
167.Can fisetin, also called Cognisetin and Novusetin, really improve memory?
168.Can I trust How are its tests paid for?
169.Can lemon juice, lemonade, or other juices reduce my chances of getting kidney stones?
170.Do any supplements help for hair loss?
171.Do any supplements help prevent or improve cataracts?
172.Do any supplements help with gum disease or periodontitis?
173.Do Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins make hair shine, nails stronger, and help both to grow? They taste good but are super expensive.
174.Does Procera AVH really improve memory and mood?
175.I thought the B vitamins were all water soluble and did not build up in the body, so you would not build up toxic levels. Am I wrong?
176.I'm taking Lumiday, a supplement to improve mood. It seems to help me but is it safe?
177.Is canola oil good or bad for you? I heard it can be toxic.
178.Is there evidence that d-limonene can help fight cancer?
179.What is EpiCor? Does it really "boost" the immune system and prevent colds?
180.What is the difference between cocoa and cacao? Is one better than the other?
181.What's really in supplements for "adrenal support" and "adrenal fatigue"? Do they work and are they safe?
182.Which oils can help lower my cholesterol and risk of heart attack? How are coconut oil, olive oil, and fish oil for example?
183.Can beetroot juice improve my workout performance?
184.Can white kidney bean extract really help me lose weight?
185.Do diamine oxidase (DAO) supplements for histamine intolerance really work?
186.How do I find the best quality olive oil and what are the health benefits?
187.What are the health benefits of stevia? Is it safe?
188.What are the health benefits of tart cherry juice?
189.What is Brain Bright and can it really improve memory or cognition?
190.What is Pycnogenol and does it work?
191.What is shilajit? Does it have any proven health benefits, and is heavy metal contamination a concern?
192.Which supplements can help lower my triglycerides?
193.Which supplements can help me sleep?

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2020 Red Yeast Rice and Diabetes? (02/08/2020)
Red Yeast Rice and Diabetes?
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2019 SAMe for Depression? (12/14/2019)
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SAMe (S-adenosyl-methionine) may help some, but not all, people with major depressive disorder, according to a recent study. For details, see the What It Does section of the SAMe Supplements Review. Also see our Top Picks for SAMe.
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2018 Drug Interactions With Iron (12/05/2018)
Drug Interactions With Iron
Iron should not be taken at the same time as any of several prescription medications, due to potential interactions. A recent study adds to the list of medications of concern. For details, see the Concerns and Cautions section of the Iron Supplements Review.
 SAMe for Depression (09/25/2018)
SAMe for Depression
SAMe (S-adenosyl-methionine) may be helpful in depression, although a recent study suggests that the right dosage can be important. For details, see the What It Does section of the SAMe Supplements Review. (Also see our Top Picks among SAMe supplements).
 Krill Oil for Strength? (06/05/2018)
Krill Oil for Strength?
Evidence from several studies suggests that fish oil can help modestly improve muscular strength and/or endurance and enhance the effects of training. A recent study investigated whether krill oil can do the same. See the results in the What It Does section of the Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements Review (Fish, Krill, and Algal Oils). Also see our Top Picks among products in this category.
 Eat Fish for Heart Health (05/22/2018)
Eat Fish for Heart Health
The American Heart Association recently affirmed that eating fish may help to reduce the risk of cardiac death, coronary heart disease, and ischemic stroke. However, the same cannot be said for fish oil supplements. Get the details in the What It Does section of the Fish Oil Supplements Review. Also, stay tuned: ConsumerLab is currently testing popular brands of canned tuna and salmon to assess their purity and levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
 Curcumin for Knee Osteoarthritis (01/09/2018)
Curcumin for Knee Osteoarthritis
A type of curcumin that has been Approved for Quality by was found to be modestly effective in treating symptoms of knee osteoarthritis in a recently published study. For details see the Osteoarthritis section of the Turmeric & Curcumin Supplements Review.  

The same study found that combining curcumin with boswellia may be advantageous. Learn more about this and other popular supplements for joint health in the Joint Supplements Review >>
2017 Skin Rash from Ginkgo (12/12/2017)
Skin Rash from Ginkgo
Although not common, be aware that skin reactions have been reported from taking Ginkgo biloba. The most recent report involved a young man who experienced symptoms the same day he began taking a popular ginkgo supplement. See the details in the "Concerns and Cautions" section of the Ginkgo Supplements Review >>
 Changed VSL#3 Probiotic? (09/27/2017)
Changed VSL#3 Probiotic?
VSL#3 is a popular probiotic, but a new study suggests that the currently marketed product may be somewhat different and not have all the same effects as the earlier product. For details, see the ConsumerTips section of the Probiotic Supplements Review >>
 How Vitamin B6 May Backfire (07/26/2017)
How Vitamin B6 May Backfire
Supplementing with high-dose vitamin B6 can sometimes cause the same nerve toxicity associated with deficiency of B6. New research explains why this may happen and suggests how to avoid it. For details, see the "Vitamin B6" section of the B Vitamin Supplements Review >>
 Spoiled Fish Oil Is Less Effective (06/07/2017)
Spoiled Fish Oil Is Less Effective
Spoiled fish oil does not lower LDL "bad" cholesterol, while the same amount of non-spoiled fish oil does, according to a new study. If you take fish oil to improve your cholesterol levels, it would seem best to use a product that is not spoiled – something ConsumerLab tests for. (It may also be best to choose an oil in the triglyceride form, rather than the ethyl ester form). For details, see the "Quality Concerns" section of the Fish Oil Supplements Review. Also see our Top Picks among fish oils.
 Supplement vs. Prescription Fish Oil? (01/02/2017)
Supplement vs. Prescription Fish Oil?
As we have written before, by choosing an extremely concentrated fish oil supplement, you can get essentially the same type of fish oil as you would get from a prescription fish oil. But according to a recent study, fish oil supplements are more likely to be rancid (oxidized) than prescription fish oil. However, a closer look at the study by ConsumerLab staff suggests that this finding may be misleading, as explained in the "Quality Concerns" section of the Fish Oil Supplements Review >>
2016 Omega-3s and Diabetic Eye Disease (08/23/2016)
Omega-3s and Diabetic Eye Disease
Getting the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from eating fish is associated with a much lower risk of developing sight-threatening retinopathy in diabetics, according to a recently published study. The same benefit has been shown in non-diabetics. But do omega-3 supplements help? Find out in the "What It Does" section of the Fish Oil Supplements Review >>
2015 Vitamin D and Reducing Injuries From Falls (03/25/2015)
Vitamin D and Reducing Injuries From Falls
Although vitamin D may be able to reduce the risk of falls in women deficient in vitamin D, a new study shows that, among women with sufficient vitamin D, it does not help and may have a negative effect. At the same time, the study showed that an exercise regime cut the rate of injuries from falls by half. Get more details in the Vitamin D Supplements Review >>
2014 Vitamin D and Rheumatoid Arthritis (06/13/2014)
Vitamin D and Rheumatoid Arthritis
A recent study shows that people with rheumatoid arthritis tend to have significantly lower levels of vitamin D in their blood than healthy individuals of the same age, gender and body weight. More details, including the vitamin D levels in these groups, is found in the update to the Vitamin D Supplements Review >>   
 Probiotic Not Always Useful in Infant Colic (04/20/2014)
Probiotic Not Always Useful in Infant Colic
A month ago, we reported on a study that showed a probiotic could help prevent colic in infants. A new study, however, shows that the same probiotic given to infants who already have colic does not help more than placebo. For more details, and our tests of probiotic supplements, see the updated Probiotic Supplements Review >>
 Probiotic Helps Women Shed Pounds (02/02/2014)
Probiotic Helps Women Shed Pounds
Recently, a study found that women on a reduced-calorie diet lost significantly more weight if they took a particular probiotic than women on the same diet who took a placebo. Get details about the probiotic used and the dosage in the Probiotic Supplements Review >> 
2013 FDA Finds Another Generic Drug Not Equivalent (10/17/2013)
FDA Finds Another Generic Drug Not Equivalent
According to the FDA, a marketed generic version of the antidepressant buproprion hydrochloride XL (300 mg) is not equivalent to the brand name Wellbutrin XL and the product is being removed from the market. One year ago, another generic version of this drug was removed from the market for the same reason. first reported potential problems with these products in 2007 but the FDA was slow to take action. For details, see the updated in the Wellbutrin vs Generic Budeprion Review >>
 Curcumin May Help in Rheumatoid Arthritis (06/09/2013)
Curcumin May Help in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Curcumin (from turmeric) has a range of potential benefits. A recent study suggests it may also help with rheumatoid arthritis. The study used the same curcumin ingredient in some products tested for quality by Get the details, plus our quality ratings of curcumin supplements, in the updated Turmeric and Curcumin Supplements Review >>
 Alzheimer's Changes Slowed with B Vitamins (05/27/2013)
Alzheimer's Changes Slowed with B Vitamins
A combination of B vitamins was found to slow brain loss in areas of the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease. This same combination of vitamins has also been shown to slow cognitive decline. Get the details on who may (or may not) benefit, dosage, plus test results for over 35 B vitamin supplements in the updated B Vitamin Supplements Product Review >>
 More Probiotic Concerns (01/20/2013)
More Probiotic Concerns
According to a published case report, two women recently developed a severely debilitating condition ("eosinophilic syndrome") two to four weeks after taking what appears to be the same "new" probiotic supplement. It's not yet known if these are isolated cases or are there more to come. For more information, see the recent update to the Probiotic Supplements Review >>
2012 Too much vitamin D may increase the risk of dying (06/03/2012)
Too much vitamin D may increase the risk of dying
A recent study of nearly a quarter million people found those with vitamin D levels above that considered sufficient, but not much higher, had the lowest risk of dying over the study period. People with high levels of vitamin D were more likely to have died. Some earlier research suggests the same. What does this mean for you? See our update to the Vitamin D Supplements Review for more information. More >>
2011 Algal Oil vs. Fish Oil (12/20/2011)
Algal Oil vs. Fish Oil
Fish get their omega-3's from algae and many people are now doing the same by taking algal oil, but how does it compare to fish oil? Experts recently reviewed studies of algal oil and concluded that it boosts ("good") cholesterol but it also increases LDL cholesterol -- which is often thought of as "bad" cholesterol. But there's more to the story. Get the details in the recently updated Fish/Marine Oil Supplements Review, which includes our test results for algal, krill, and fish oil supplements.
 L-Tryptophan -- Still a Problem? (11/20/2011)
L-Tryptophan -- Still a Problem?
A woman in Illinois taking L-tryptophan for insomnia developed the same serious problems that resulted in L-tryptophan being temporarily removed from the market several years ago. Is L-tryptophan any safer now than it was before? For more information, see the update to the L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP Review Article.
 Saw Palmetto May Not Work (10/04/2011)
Saw Palmetto May Not Work
It's used by many men hoping to reduce urinary symptoms caused by benign growth of the prostate, or BPH, but a new, well-designed study suggests that it doesn't work. Some other recent research suggest the same. Even when doubling and tripling the standard dose, the high-quality saw palmetto extract used in the new study failed to provide benefit.

What should you do? You may want to consider a different supplement -- beta-sitosterol, a phytosterol. The evidence remains fairly good for beta-sitosterol. To find out more about saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, and the supplements we have tested, see the Prostate Supplements ReviewMore >>

Recent Recalls and Warnings Found:
1.FDA Warns Five More Hand Sanitizers May Contain Toxic Ingredient (07/06/2020)
2.Six More Multi-Level Marketing Companies Warned for Coronavirus and Deceptive Earnings Claims (06/09/2020)
3.CBD Oil Recalled, Risk of High Lead Exposure (05/16/2020)
4.FTC Halts Deceptive Supplements & Cosmetics "Free Trial" Scheme (05/12/2020)
5.FTC Sues Two Companies Selling Bone Health and Joint Pain Supplements (02/11/2020)
6.Publisher Sued for Promoting "Phony Diabetes Cure" (10/29/2019)
7.Company Marketing CBD for Use in Infants and Children Gets Strong Warning (10/22/2019)
8.Herbal "Coffee" for Sexual Enhancement Recalled (04/08/2019)
9.FDA Calls Promotion of Nyloxin Homeopathic Products for Pain a "Health Fraud Scam" (03/19/2019)
10.Two Popular Memory Supplements Missing Some or All of Key Ingredient (11/16/2018)
11.Homeopathic Oral Sprays Recalled Due to Possible Bacterial Contamination (09/08/2018)
12.Homeopathic Remedies Contaminated With Bacteria (09/01/2018)
13.Thirty-Two Children's Homeopathic Products Recalled (08/25/2018)
14.Contaminated Homeopathic Products Recalled (07/24/2018)
15.Homeopathic Teething Drops, Nausea Drops, Silver-Zinc Throat Spray & More Recalled (05/19/2018)
16.Wegmans Recalls Traditional Medicinals Teas Due to Salmonella Risk (04/26/2018)
17.Traditional Medicinals "Throat Coat" Lemon Echinacea Herbal Tea Recalled in Canada (04/24/2018)
18.FDA Issues Mandatory Recall of Salmonella-Contaminated Kratom Products (04/03/2018)
19.Kratom Supplements Recalled and Destroyed (02/22/2018)
20.FDA Reports Prevalence of Salmonella In Retail Spices (02/17/2018)
21.European Union Advisory Council Finds Homeopathic Product Claims "Implausible" (09/30/2017)

Archived Recalls and Warnings Found:
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1.Increase in Calls to Poison Control Centers About Supplements (07/29/2017)
2.Beware of Products Which Promise to Treat or Cure Cancer, FDA Warns (04/25/2017)
3.Seller of "Cancer Kits," Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplements and More Warned for Drug Claims (01/21/2017)
4.FTC Announces New Enforcement Policy on Homeopathic Drug Claims (11/15/2016)
5.Liver Injuries Linked With Dietary Supplement Use on the Rise (11/04/2016)
6.More Nutrition Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (06/15/2016)
7.Toxins in Chocolate (03/30/2016)
8.Seller of CoQ10, SAM-e, Vitamin D, and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims (01/26/2016)
9.Twenty-four Male Enhancement Supplements Recalled (01/12/2016)
10.Consuming a Single Energy Drink May Increase Cardiovascular Risk (11/11/2015)
11.Thirteen Manufacturers Ordered to Stop Selling Devil's Claw Supplements (09/11/2015)
12.Company Ordered to Stop Making and Selling Supplements (08/11/2015)
13.Children and Adult Gummy Vitamins Recalled in Canada Due to Excessive Vitamin D (08/06/2015)
14.Maker of Joint Supplement Warned for Manufacturing Violations (06/17/2015)
15.Does Your Weight Loss or Sports Supplement Contain Synthetic Amphetamine? (04/08/2015)
16.Major Retailers Accused of Selling Adulterated Herbal Supplements (02/03/2015)
17.Green Coffee Bean Supplement Marketer Settles FTC Charges of Deceptive Claims (01/27/2015)
18.CVS Sued for Eye Health Supplement Claims (01/16/2015)
19.FDA Raises Concerns Over Generic ADHD Drugs (12/07/2014)
20.Weight Loss Supplements Recalled (11/21/2014)
21.Supplements Recalled Years Ago Remain on the Market, Still Contain Hidden Drugs (10/22/2014)
22.Maker of Popular Green Coffee Bean Extract Settles FTC Charges of Unsupported Weight Loss Claims (09/09/2014)
23.CELLFOOD Recalled in Canada (06/24/2014)
24.Three Sexual Enhancement Supplements Recalled (05/07/2014)
25.Four Companies Settle FTC Charges of Deceptive Weight Loss Claims (01/09/2014)
26.Seller of CELLFOOD Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (08/29/2013)
27.UK Warns Against a Weight Loss Supplement Still Available to Americans (08/22/2013)
28.Seller Of Sexual Enhancement and Hormonal Balance Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations (05/10/2013)
29.Three Sexual Enhancement Supplements Recalled for Undeclared Drug Risk (05/08/2013)
30.Vision Supplement Company Warned For Drug Claims (04/25/2013)
31.Zicam Advised Against Using Cold Prevention Claim In Advertising (04/12/2013)
32.Adverse Event Reports Associated With Dietary Supplements Increase, But Remain Underreported And Underutilized (04/12/2013)
33.Maker of Liquid Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (03/15/2013)
34.FDA Finds Manufacturing Violations At NSF-Certified Supplement Facility (03/02/2013)
35.Pet Supplement Company Issues Recall Due To Potential Bacterial Contamination (02/21/2013)
36.Judge Orders Drug and Supplement Company to Cease Manufacturing and Distribution (02/12/2013)
37.Dangerous Supplement Being Sold Under New Name (12/21/2012)
38.Sensa Settles Second False Advertising Lawsuit (11/29/2012)
39.Recall of "Bee Pollen" Supplement Found to Contain Drug (11/06/2012)
40.Baby Vitamin Recalled for Excessive Iodine (02/22/2012)
41.FDA Calls "Melatonin Brownie" Unsafe and Sends Warning to Manufacturer (08/03/2011)
42.Vitamin Pitchman Indicted (06/19/2011)
43.Sexual Enhancement Supplement Recalled -- Second Time Found with Drug-like Compound (06/15/2009)
44.FDA Permits Incorrect Labeling on Generic Wellbutrin XL, But May Require Drug to be Tested (10/02/2008)
45.Twelve Dietary Herbal Supplements Recalled -- Possible Health Risk Associated with Ephedra, Aristolochic Acid and Human Placenta (04/11/2008)
46.FDA Warns of Adverse Reactions with Two Liquid Supplements -- Selenium Toxicity Possible (03/28/2008)
47.Sellers of Popular Weight Loss Supplements Pay $25 Million Over FTC Allegations of Deceptive Advertising (01/04/2007)
48.Canada Advises Consumers Not To Use Adulterated Sleep Supplement (08/31/2006)
49.Supplement Company to Pay $2 Million Penalty For Alleged Violations of FTC Order (10/12/2005)
50.FDA Warns Marketer of "Vitamin O" Product to Cease Unsubstantiated Claims (03/31/2005)
51.Ads for Various Diet Pills and Topical Gels Don’t Cut the Fat, Says the FTC (06/16/2004)
52.U.S. Action on Mad Cow -- Supplements Included As Well as Food (01/29/2004)
53.Health Canada Warns Consumers Not to Use Health Products Containing Comfrey (01/02/2004)
54.Court Closes the Doors on Company That Sold Weight Loss Supplement (10/24/2003)
55.FTC Stops False Advertising of Heavily Promoted Supplements for Breast Enhancment, Male Virility, and Snoring (07/21/2003)
56.U.S. Warns of Ephedra Risks and Proposes Warning Label for Supplements (03/04/2003)

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2013 Retesting Confirms Lack of Ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia Supplement (12/06/2013)
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 Lead Contamination and Mislabeling in Joint Health Supplements with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM According to (05/08/2012)
 Probiotics grow in popularity but don't always deliver on promises says -- New report provides guidance to consumers (02/09/2012)
2011 identifies many quality melatonin sleep supplements, but prices range from 4 cents to over $1 for the same dose (11/29/2011)
 Supplements for lactose intolerance vary in strength and cost, and some offer no benefit, according to (10/31/2011)
 30% of SAM-e supplements selected for review fail to pass testing -- Cost of SAM-e found to vary 5-fold (10/13/2011) analyzes supplements for sexual dysfunction -- Only three out of ten products selected for testing pass (08/31/2011) tests menopause supplements and creams: Most are "Approved," but some found contaminated or lacking claimed amount of ingredient (07/12/2011) puts multivitamins to the test (06/16/2011)
 Red yeast rice supplements weaker now than in 2008; Wide variation among brands and contamination discovered by -- Popular cholesterol-lowering supplements tested and compared (05/23/2011)
 Problems discovered with eight vitamin D supplements in study by -- Incorrect amounts of vitamins, lead contamination, and labeling infractions identified. (04/26/2011) reviews CoQ10 and ubiquinol supplements -- Tests show quality to be high, but large differences found in dosage, formulation, and cost (03/08/2011)
2010 Finds Lower-priced Resveratrol Supplements Pass Tests While Some Higher-priced brands flunk (12/02/2010) reports deficiencies in some B-complex supplements and more caffeine than expected in "shot-sized" B vitamin "energy" drinks (10/26/2010)
 Problems persist with ginseng supplements -- Review by finds 45% of products don't provide full amount of ingredient or are contaminated (08/16/2010) reports most St. John's wort supplements fail quality tests -- An effective antidepressant herb but heavy metal contamination and low potency are concerns (04/14/2010)
 Cholesterol-lowering supplements reviewed by Many pass quality testing, one fails. Sterol and policosanol products analyzed.  Evidence for other cholesterol-lowering ingredients evaluated (03/25/2010) finds carcinogenic form of chromium in supplements, including those for weight loss -- Reviews published of supplements containing chromium, green tea, 7-keto DHEA and stimulant formulas (03/02/2010) finds quality of most CLA supplements for slimming to be high; One brand mislabeled -- Report is first published in series on supplements for weight loss and slimming (01/20/2010)
2009 "Eye health" supplements vary widely in formula but product quality is high according to (12/16/2009) finds many probiotics don't deliver listed ingredients (11/16/2009) finds many prostate supplements have correct ingredients, but four fail review -- New report on 19 saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol supplements (09/15/2009)
 Most vitamin E supplements pass testing, but what seems natural may be synthetic according to -- New review of vitamin E supplements, oils, and creams released today (08/04/2009)
 Nine joint health supplements fail quality review -- Lead contamination, missing ingredients and other problems found in supplements for people as well as for dogs, cats and horses; Many others approved (07/10/2009)
 Review of Magnesium Supplements by Shows One-Quarter Fail Quality Tests (05/19/2009)
 40% of Green Tea and Selenium Products Fail Review of Cancer-Prevention Supplements; Lycopene Supplements Pass (04/28/2009) Warns of Problems with Multivitamins and Vitamin Water -- Defects Found in Over 30% of Supplements Selected for Testing; Several Popular Children's Multis Exceed Tolerable Limits (03/31/2009)
2008 As problems surface, and the people's pharmacy ask FDA to disclose differences between generic and original drugs (03/17/2008) finds most vitamin C supplements pass quality tests but one short on ingredient and some exceed tolerable levels (03/07/2008)
2007 finds generic antidepressant behaves differently from original drug. May explain complaints by patients. — Generic drug equality questioned (10/12/2007)
 Concerned by weaknesses in FDA's new rules for dietary supplements, acts to "raise the bar on quality" (07/17/2007) finds lutein & zeaxanthin supplements vary widely in strength but most meet ingredient claims — Right amount of antioxidant may help prevent macular degeneration and improve vision (07/12/2007)
 Tests show many milk thistle supplements low in key component — Seven products fail testing of herb used in diabetes and liver diseases (06/12/2007) finds some alpha lipoic acid supplements come up short — Improper formulation may cause ingredient degradation (05/15/2007) reports improvement in quality of SAM-e supplements used for osteoarthritis and depression — Recent testing shows quality is up since studies in 2000 and 2003 (04/24/2007)
 Many arthritis supplements lack key listed ingredient — finds chondroitin missing or low in eight supplements; Glucosamine and MSM also tested (04/11/2007) reports on anti-depressant herb — St. John's Wort — Few supplements pass quality testing (02/14/2007)
 Consumers warned of problems with multivitamins — uncovers defects in over half of products tested (01/19/2007)
2006 Probiotic supplements grow in popularity but viable bacteria missing in many — cautions consumers to select probiotics carefully and store them properly (12/12/2006) responds to vitamin industry claim to be "vindicated" in defamation case (11/17/2006)
 Tests of "muscle" supplements finds some "weak" products but most contain expected creatine, HMB, or amino acids — Review of muscular enhancement supplements published by (11/13/2006) report on CoQ10 supplements finds quality high but large range in suggested dosage (10/20/2006)
 Care advised with natural cold remedies: finds few products with proper quality and directions — offers advice from tests of echinacea, garlic, ginseng, vitamin C, and zinc supplements (10/10/2006)
 Problems persist with ginseng supplements — finds nearly half of products lack ingredient or contaminated (05/24/2006) reports on supplements for bone health containing calcium and vitamin D— Results posted for 32 supplements for adults and children; One found contaminated with lead (03/13/2006) finds most prostate supplements have correct ingredients, but three fail testing — Results posted for 22 supplements containing saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol (02/06/2006)
 Sexual enhancement supplements analyzed by (01/25/2006)
 Tests of memory enhancing supplements by reveals lead in some ginkgo (01/03/2006)
2005 reaffirms problems with Trimspa X32 (12/05/2005)
 Testing by identifies many problems with popular supplements for weight loss, slimming, and blood sugar control (11/15/2005) begins publishing test reports on Japanese vitamins and supplements — Review of CoQ10 products Now Available Online in Japanese at More Reports Scheduled (05/10/2005) finds most B-vitamins of high quality but three lacking in ingredients — Test Results for 41 Products Reported Along with Information on Use (03/30/2005) reports on vitamin C supplements — Test Results for 29 Products Reported Along with Information on Use (03/14/2005)
2003 reports improvement in quality of SAM-e supplements used for osteoarthritis and depression — But a high priced product found to contain only 30% of label claim (11/18/2003)
 Key ingredient missing in some arthritis supplements for people and pets according to — Review of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM supplements published online today (11/02/2003) finds new forms of creatine prone to problems — Test results of muscular enhancement supplements published online today (09/24/2003)
 Some problems persist with ginseng supplements but overall quality improves according to — Test results published online today (08/28/2003) finds many cholesterol-lowering supplements poorly made — Test results published online today (07/31/2003) finds lead in coral calcium product; Product also charged with false advertising by FTC — Calcium supplement product review published online today (06/10/2003)
 Consumers advised to read labels carefully when selecting herbal supplements for prostate — Saw palmetto product review published online today (05/20/2003)
 Low quality ingredient appears widespread among Ginkgo supplements according to; points to challenge for FDA's proposed regulations — Review of memory enhancement supplements released today (04/21/2003)
2001 reports test results of arthritis supplement — MSM; Quality found higher than for most supplements, but room for improvement remains (06/04/2001) expands testing of health products; success of dietary supplement evaluations leads company into broader nutrition field, beginning with popular nutrition bars (03/27/2001) review of vitamin E supplements finds some insufficiencies and need for clearer labeling; test results released online today (03/13/2001)
2000 announces first test-based buyer's guide to dietary supplements; Manufacturers encouraged to have products tested for potential inclusion. (04/24/2000) finds many arthritis supplements lacking labeled ingredients; Glucosamine and Chondroitin product review published online today. (03/07/2000)
 Quality of prostate supplements get mixed review in study; Saw palmetto product review published online today. (01/31/2000)
 Majority of dietary supplements sold in U.S. being tested by in 2000; newest results due January 31 for Saw Palmetto. (01/24/2000)


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